On Making a Difference with the Iraqi People
An interaction with an activist pal
by Wade Frazier

A pal of mine is an activist, and I introduced her to a radical leftist and colleague of Noam Chomsky's a couple of years ago. She is trying to make something happen, and proposed to that leftist that caring Americans band together and make a statement of conciliation and caring to the Iraqi people. The leftist questioned such an activity, and stated that the message would also have to make clear the American state's true intentions toward Iraq, which are not noble. My pal asked me if I understood what she was trying to do and why the leftist seemed lukewarm to the idea. Below is my response.


This is where I think YYY and friends are coming from. By virtue of where we were born, we are Americans. As such, we bear some responsibility for our government and its actions (arguably nearly all of it). As far as the Iraqi people are concerned, the American people have spoken by their actions, which means the invasion and occupation of Iraq (not to mention the genocidal economic embargo America inflicted that killed about 1.5 million Iraqis — and perhaps significantly more — since 1991, overthrowing their government in the 1960s, etc.). Americans need to speak by their actions, and Americans who don't support our bloody deeds across the globe can best "speak" by helping call off the dogs and bring the imperial storm troopers home. That was the philosophy of Uncle Noam and the Vietnam protestors. They called it "raising the domestic cost of imperial aggression." I think YYY is saying that Americans who care about Iraq need to be honest about what their state is doing in Iraq, and as every sapient person must know, it is mainly about oil and empire (along with crony capitalism). If we cannot stop the state's rampage from within, then maybe we can encourage others to resist it from without. That is a strategy that makes me uneasy, for a few reasons, one of which is that resisting the state from within will not get you bombed (maybe a billy club across the skull and other punishment, but nothing like what the people of Iraq have experienced, for instance). Noam and others have made that point many times. Resisting the American state from within is relatively easy, and resisting it from without risks one's life. But citizens of the American Empire have life pretty good (although we are definitely in decline, as with all empires), and there are many inducements (mostly economic) to play the game and be a willing member of the herd, so resisting it is pretty much confined to people of conscience, and there are not many of those running around in American these days. The U.S. military/CIA apparatus has murdered millions upon millions of people across the globe during the past 60 years, and precious few within our political borders.

All wars for all time have primarily had economic motivation behind them. I don't want to belabor the point, but since energy has fueled all economies for all time, and the industrialized world's standard of living is almost entirely dependent on the energy that fossil fuel has provided, free energy can topple the scarcity paradigm that has dominated the human journey for the past 10,000 years or so. So, my angle has been making a new engine of our economy (one that will never run dry, as contrasted with the global oil well that is running dry, which explains most of what we see happening in the Middle East today, for those with eyes to see), and one that will largely remove the motivation for peoples to invade other peoples to steal their stuff. With free energy, intelligently and lovingly used, there will never be a "natural resource" shortage again, and we will not have to plunder Earth and her peoples to get those "resources." The nuts and bolts of it are pretty easy, and free energy had been done many times before, but the dark team that pulls the world's strings make sure that pig never comes to market, and the complacent and easily manipulated masses easily play into their hands (especially Americans, the population I know best).

I recently had a conversation with a New Energy buddy on that very issue. He said that White House types have told him that the oil men who run today's American government believe that New Energy is not as threatening to their interests as "alternative fuels." A U.S. Senator and a CIA chief wrote the article at the link below related to that issue:


My bud said that the "power elites" will be around a long, long time, and empowering the grassroots to counterbalance them (especially economically) had to be a primary objective. I responded with:


As battered as I feel half the time, I am a bit more optimistic about the power elite's future tenure. I doubt we can overestimate the mischief the human ego is capable of, and the power-hungriness of the power elite will continue until they find their inner strength, instead of what they steal from and exploit of others, but my hope is not that the power elite finally figure it out, but that the "grassroots" people learn to stop being such easy meat for them. On that score, I know of nothing more promising more than New (Free) Energy, because energy has powered all economies for all time, and if it was free (or nearly so, or virtually infinitely renewable and abundant) it could change the entire human paradigm, which has always been rooted in economics. The evidence is strong that before "civilization" appeared there were no real "elites." It took sedentary (controllable) human populations before there could be political-economic hierarchies and "elites" at the top. The Domestication Revolution made all that possible. The power elites have always been economic elites above all else (conspicuous consumption being their unmistakable badge), and they have always played the scarcity card to manipulate the masses to do their bidding, and how easy it has been for them. With New Energy, economic freedom of a kind not experienced since "pre-civilization" days is possible. Not to sound too trite, but it is possible that the "power elite" could call for war and nobody would come, if everybody enjoyed economic abundance. Today's American military is almost entirely comprised of America's lower economic classes, and non-Americans are even being offered a kind of "French Foreign Legion" deal (citizenship, similar to what Rome did) to join up with America's mercenary military.

One of my favorite political-economic writers, John Chuckman, wrote something related to that economic-freedom-preceding-political-freedom theme recently:


I agree with your friend that it pays to be cautious of the perils of New Energy, but the perils without it may be far larger. As the Peak Oil crowd is fond of saying these days, Earth can probably only support around a couple billion people without the energy that fossil fuel provides, so we had better get ready for a drop off of four billion people or so. They are waiting for the four horsemen to ride again. That is partly what my life's work has been trying to forestall, and it often seems a dim hope anymore, but I still think it is possible if only a tiny fraction of Earth's population woke up just a little. I don't need to tell anybody here what a wall we bang our heads against when we try telling people about alternatives, not just about energy, but in most things. The immense denial that exists in today's world is highly pertinent, and sometimes it seems the only thing that can break through it is catastrophe, but it surely does not have to be that way (which is why I hope Scotty beams me up if Earth's people just have to have their Armageddon).

Radicalization, as I see it, is simply getting beyond the ideology and dogma to try seeing what is, and then act on what is seen. To do that appears to take far more courage than the Average Joe possesses, but that is probably what needs nurturing above all else if we are to save our own bacon, and beyond that, to ushering in heaven on Earth. I doubt there will be any elites in that probable world, unless being loving becomes the mark of that "elite." I hope to live to see it move in that direction, and it just might.


[To the pal I began this letter writing to:]  I believe what you are trying to do is make a loving gesture to the Iraqi people, and band people of like intention together to make a difference. I think our leftist pal is saying that only our actions will really do the talking, and taking on our rampaging state (or encouraging others to resist it), is the only effective thing we can do today (and about the only one that will be seen by the Iraqi people as evidence that we really care about them).

On a more one-on-one interaction with the Iraqi people, here is something I read yesterday that is apropos:


Of course, helping wake up our fellow Americans to the reality of our endless foreign aggressions is part of the program, but very few Americans want to wake up, as playing the game ensures that we will control the world's oil deposits, which is Earth's largest treasure trove. The problem, as I see it, is one of conscience, and how can you make people care? As far as I have seen, you can only help provide them the opportunity, and they have to take it from there. You well know the desert of apathy and indifference that exists in our nation, and yes, the million peace demonstrators last year were inspiring, but that is about one third of one percent of the population. Not many, but if they do get behind something that can make a difference (like changing Earth's economic engine and order), they can radically change the face of the Earth and the trajectory of the human journey for the better. There are not many leverage points to choose from. As far as I have seen, virtually everybody hacks at branches and ignores the root, which is part of what has made my journey so frustrating.

As you know, "resisting" becomes an "us versus them" kind of thing, which I doubt will help humanity much in its healing. I am more into positive actions that can be taken, as I believe you are, sister.

Have a good one, and I am glad you are out there,


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