The Hypocrisy of it All
by Joseph Clifford

The US "pre-emptively" attacked Iraq because we "thought" Iraq might have had Weapons of Mass Destruction. The US threatened Iraq with the largest bomb (22,000) ever used in the history of the world.

Because Iraq defied the United Nations, the US made war on Iraq in defiance of the United Nations.

President Bush said we will liberate the Iraqi people, and they will rejoice in our arrival. The Iraqi people are resisting to the death.

President Bush said "We know Iraq has WMD and chemical weapons", but none were used by Iraq, nor found.

Saddam Hussein did a horrible thing in gassing the Kurds, said Tony Blair.

Great Britain gassed both the Kurds and the people of Iraq in the 1920's.

Saddam Hussein did a horrible thing in gassing the Kurds, said George Bush.

The US government gassed, and then burned, our own people in Waco, Texas.

The US was afraid that Iraq would give or sell WMD to other people. The US sells more WMD than all the nations in the world put together.

The US warned Iraq that if they used Weapons of Mass Destruction in retaliation against us, they would be guilty of War Crimes, while Shock and Awe unleashed more WMD than the world has ever seen.

According to President Bush, the US will prosecute Iraqi leaders for War Crimes.

President Bush in 2002 refused to participate in the new International Criminal Court, and is currently demanded immunity for Americans from War Crimes.

Hussein was horrific for gassing the Kurds. We supplied him with the gas.

The war against Iraq was to make us safe from Al-Qaeda. Al Qaeda was born as a result of Americans invading Iraq in 1991.

We must never allow Iraq to get one nuclear weapon because it might use them. We have 6,000 and have used them.

Bush brought the nation to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea because they abandoned a treaty with the US. Since Bush has been in office he has unilaterally abandoned five treaties with the world.

The administration insisted the War in Iraq had "nothing to do with oil", but the very first territory seized by the US were the southern oil fields.

It's not about oil according to the administration, while the Pentagon named two posts in Iraq Forward Operating Base Exxon, and Forward Operating Base Shell.

Donald Rumsfeld insisted that American prisoners of war must be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention and argued that to show their pictures on TV would violate the Geneva Convention, while holding 3000 Afghanis in cages with no Geneva agreements being observed. There have been two deaths and twenty suicide attempts in these wonderful detention facilities. The military has admitted to "beating to death" two prisoners while attempting to get information.

The US blasted France for "threatening" to veto a war resolution. The last time France used the veto was seven years ago, while the US used the veto three months ago, and has been historically the second biggest user of the veto in the UN history.

The French are silly because they do not understand why war is needed. France lost 4.2 million people in World War I.

The US claimed the Iraqis were using "dirty" tactics in the war because they were fighting out of uniform and in civilian clothes. During the American Revolution we invented the "dirty" tactic of fighting out of uniform and from behind trees and stonewalls.

Mr. Joseph Clifford of Rhode Island USA contributed this article to Media Monitors Network.

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