Zendran, Political Prisoner

From: Peter Khan Zendran
Subject: Zendran, Political prisoner
Date: 24 May 2004

The following incident happened on May 22, two days after the Providence Journal announced I would hold the first signing of my new book "Victimization of the Farsi, Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples" and appears to have been politically motivated. Around 9:20 PM on May 22, 2004 I was talking a walk around Cathedral Square in Providence near where I am staying when I was approached by two people who appeared to be street people who soon said they were providence police officers. They asked me what I was doing I told them I was talking a walk and when they asked me for ID I showed them my RIPTA disability pass, refusing to give any other information citing the unique name law. Then one of the pigs told me I was being charged with "pissing him off" and both pointed to their guns threatening to shoot me if I resisted. I repeatedley asked for their names and badge numbers but only one would give me his badge, # 366 while the other handcuffed me and did a pat down search on me, refusing to return a 2 inch folding knife I had in one of my pockets. At no point were my rights read. After several minutes of arguing they radioed for a transoprt, and two more pigs arrived, one in uniform, badge # 475 and another dressed as a street person. The pig who had handcuffed me tried to push me down the stone steps on the terrace where we were but I resisted successfully and walked resisting his attemps to trip me up. I was taken to the police station where they refused to include the knife they had taken from me. I still refused to give any other information other than my name, height and weight, the officers obtaining the other information form a previous incident where I was arrested while blinded and that information had been coerced from me, was told I was being charged with disorderly conduct, and led to a cell which excluding the bed had not been cleaned. The next morning I was given 5 minutes to make a phone call and during mug shots and fingerprinting was told that my mug shots and prints were not on file and I would be released if I gave my adress, which I did by giving them the address they already had from the previous incident. While on my way to and during the fingerprinting the jailer repeatedly caled me "retard" and "mutt". I noticed during fingerprinting that a mismatch occured on one of my fingers. Despite what I was told I was not released but was told I was charged with disorderly conduct, failure to move, and obstruction of justice. During my stay I was fed only 2 hamburgers, refusing the milk, and was given some sheets of toilet paper, but not any soap or other health products despite the squalid cell conditions. I was released on May 24 around 7:50 AM and taken to providence municipal court. There before Judge Caprio I explained my situation, even explaining the coincidence of my book signing and arrest, after he read the report which contained many lies, and I pled Not Guilty. Judge Caprio said that "even if I had done what I was accused of I had suffered enough" and he agreed to my request for a trial on June 16. Right now I am free but I am looking into other legal pursuits of this matter, since for the past year and a half I have been on the recieving end of providence police harassment. After I send this I will be heading to the ACLU to explain my situation further.

— Peter Khan Zendran peterkhanzendran@fastmail.fm

From: Peter Khan Zendran
Subject: Zendran Wins Trial
Date: 23 Jun 2004

Today I appeared in court as a pro se litigant before Judge Graziano in Providence Municipal Court. Two of the officers involved in my arrest May 22 showed up and the case was heard around 11:20 AM. When the case was called I called to the court's attention that on my summons and report I was not properly charged and when discussing the facts the officers were caught lying. Therefore, Judge Graziano dismissed the remaining failure to move charge against me. This is a win and shows what someone can do when they stand up. Let this be an inspiration to others. Needless to say I will pursue [this matter of false arrest] in U.S. District Court.

— Peter Khan Zendran peterkhanzendran@fastmail.fm

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