Battle for Palestine
By Israel Shamir


The main road of Palestinian Highlands from Nablus to Jerusalem runs through Wadi Haramiyeh, a narrow defile in the Samaria Mountains. From time to time, its olive-grown walls recede and leave space for a village, tiny En Sinya, a neat and charming cluster of spacious homes, or splendid Sinjil, preserving the name of Raymond de Saint-Gilles, the Count of Toulouse, its liege lord and Crusader. This is the heartland of Palestine, where every stone keeps memories of old battles and skirmishes. I love this area: in Sinjil, I was taken for a foreign-born son of local folks who immigrated to America in the 1940s. In En Sinya, an old peasant told me of his friend Moshe Sharet, a Palestinian Jew and an Israeli minister of state, who was brought up in the village, years before the Zionist segregation. I drank water from the small spring of En al-Haramiyeh, guarded by a ruined Ottoman Khan, while another ruin, King Baldwin's Tower, watches the southern entrance of the defile. Its relief makes it a likely place for brigands' ambush, and indeed 'Wadi Haramiyeh' means just that, the Valley of Brigands.

On March 3, a Palestinian Rob Roy armed with an old, WWII-vintage carbine, succeeded to lay low the whole troop of heavily armed Jews. One after another, he shot the soldiers, and their officers, and escaped unharmed. In one stroke, he erased the overblown myth of Israeli military valiance. Never again the supporters of Israel will sneer at Arab courage, never again they will tell stories of shoes dropped in Sinai and Six Day War. He repeated the feat of Karameh and returned the honour to Palestinians.

He also provided a healthy alternative to the morbid attraction of suicide bombers, and not too early. For a long time I wanted to persuade my Palestinian brothers and sisters to desist from this madness, but I loathed to be seen as an ideological tool of Zionism. I understand the motives of the shaheeds, I salute their courage, but I deeply regret their deeds. They are counterproductive, inefficient, and blind. I am certain1 that some suicide cells are thoroughly infiltrated by Israeli counter-intelligence: too often they explode in wrong places, in wrong time, against wrong aims. Their deeds are used by Israeli propaganda to its full value. Their death is a terrible loss for the mankind. They sacrifice themselves as the son of Abraham brought himself to be sacrificed, but God replaced his sacrifice with a ram.

The marksman offered a different route to glory, one that does not lead through the Valley of Death. The full story of the Battle at Haramiyeh Pass should be sung by bards, and taught by guerrilla fighters over the world. One against ten, the Lone Ranger hit the most hated symbol of Jewish rule in Palestine, a checkpost, where bored, overfed, sadistic Israeli soldiers daily humiliated, beat and often murdered local people.

Just a day before the battle, the soldiers committed probably the most revolting and cowardly act of cruelty. A Palestinian woman on her way to give birth came to the checkpost, accompanied by her husband. The soldiers let her through and then opened fire. Her husband was killed; the pregnant woman was wounded and gave birth in the hospital. The soldiers were not reprimanded, but the Army 'expressed regrets' to the survivors.

Israeli Army's main concern is to keep the local population vulnerable and unable to defend itself. Soldiers got used to kill unarmed civilians. Their preferred victims are children; the weapon of choice is a long range high velocity sharp-shooter rifle. Their idea of entertainment was witnessed by an expert on 'the dark side of the [Israel Defence] Force', the chief of New York Times Middle East bureau, Chris Hedges: they pour abuse at children of the refugee camp and shot and maim them as they approach the deadly trap2.

Still, the shooting of the pregnant woman was a deed as fateful as the Biblical slaughter of the Levite's concubine. The Lord God of Palestine noticed the plight of His sons. The evil deeds of Zionist soldiers had to be punished. The curse promised by Lord to the misbehaving children of Israel (Deut. 28) fell on their heads. Whatever will be discovered by the military commission of enquiry, this is the most likely explanation of the event. He Who gave victory to young shepherd David against Goliath, granted victory to the lone warrior in Wadi Haramiyeh.

The surprise attack on the checkpost dealt a deadly blow to the psychotic Israeli superiority complex. Cowards and sadists are unable to cope with a defeat, they respond by homicidal rage. That is why the Army began an all-out assault on Palestinian towns and villages. As I write, soldiers shoot at ambulances that try to remove wounded. The US jets with Israeli pilots bomb the school for blind in Gaza. Crack troops of Golani division accompanied by tanks storm the Tul Karem refugee camps. They plan to repeat the massacre of Sabra and Shatila, the previous feat of General Sharon. As a manual, they use the Waffen-SS commander's memoir of reducing the Warsaw ghetto. They are excited by extremely low casualties of Wermacht in 1943, and hope to repeat their feat while crushing the Palestinians3.

Sharon surpassed Hitler: the German dictator carefully avoided giving the orders to kill Jews, the Jewish ruler unabashedly called to kill the Goyiim on the TV in prime time. While many Germans were disgusted by the Nazis and crossed the lines, and served in the Allied armies against the Third Reich, the Jews still hesitate to break the bond of false loyalty to their Third Malkuth. Israelis of conscience refuse to participate directly in the ethnic cleansing. It is very good but it is not enough. We should follow the example of Ernst Thaelmann and Joe Slovo, cross the lines, and join the Palestinian fighters on the barricades of Gaza and Tul Karem. In the British newspaper, the Guardian4, Jonathan Freedland called the Israeli protesters, 'heroes'. I reserve this title for the marksman from the Brigands' Defile.


Sometime ago I described the war in Palestine as a 'creeping genocide'. Now this process speeds up. I doubt it could be different, as the Jewish paradigm of necessity causes genocide and transfer of population. Whenever this paradigm raises, genocide and transfer follows. The predominantly Jewish governments of post-war Poland and Czechoslovakia carried out genocidal transfers of ethnic German groups in 1945. Heavily Jewish government of revolutionary Hungary in 1919 massacred its opponents on a huge scale. Jews were prominent in Ataturk's government when the Greeks were massacred in Smyrna. This paradigm does not need ethnic Jews: Nazi Germany applied its racist ideas against Jews by using the Judaic paradigm of racial purity and superiority.

There is a difference: since 1945, Germans atone for committed atrocities. Their remorse broke their will. But there is little remorse among the Jews for the transfers and massacres. John Sack, an American Jewish writer, described Jewish participation in the post-1945 atrocities in his book An Eye for an Eye. This publication could become a beginning of a catharsis, of a deep regret and remorse. Instead, the book was banned and Sack became a non-person. Strange behaviour of Benny Morris, the Israeli 'New Historian', bewildered many friends: how come the man who described the Palestinian Holocaust of 1948, al-Naqbah, became a spokesman against the Palestinian cause? There was no reason to wonder: killing and transferring the Gentiles is not a cause to regret according to the Jewish paradigm of superiority.

It is not strange that this archaic paradigm became so prominent in the Jewish state. A few days ago, Israeli TV carried out a lively discussion on advantages of transfer. Not everybody supported the notion, but the transfer supporters were not ostracised. They sat and called for mass murder and expulsion with smug smiles, citing the previous transfers as a proof of their legitimacy. The most frightening piece of today's news was the news as broadcasted by Israel and slavishly repeated by CNN and Jewish-owned media elsewhere. The leading item referred to death of an Israeli sergeant, followed by a casual mentioning of fifty killed Palestinians.

How can it be? Israelis are not too bad, nor are other Jews. Even Sharon looks like a huggable teddy bear, said General Zinni. How our basically nice folk are able to commit horrible crimes and still remain rather nice? This paradox is rooted in an artificial chasm between a Jew and a non-Jew in the Jewish mind. In the chain of 'Jew - Gentile - animal' the difference between the first two items is much bigger than the difference between the second and third, postulated Taniya, a compendium of traditional Jewish teaching. This notion sits in the subconscious levels of many Jews, good and bad alike.

While evil Jews of Sharon's kin slaughter Gentiles without slightest remorse, many good Jews object to Sharon's actions as they would object to cruel treatment of animals. Actually, on the walls of Tel Aviv houses there are more posters protesting inhuman feeding of geese than deploring mass murder of Goyiim.

Talmud preaches compassion to animals, as we can learn from the following fable. A sheep on the way to the butcher tried to find a refuge with the Rabbi Judah the Prince, but he said that it is normal for a sheep to be slaughtered. As he had no mercy for the sheep, God withdrew his mercy from him, and the holy Rabbi suffered for many years of kidney disease. Years later he prevented killing of wasps, and this sign of compassion made God to reverse His judgment. But there is a profound lack of compassion towards non-Jews. They are frequently compared to animals, but while there is a duty to save an endangered animal, there is no obligation to save a Gentile. This paradox of compassion to animals and lack of feeling towards Gentiles causes many abnormalities of Jewish outlook.

Despite good feeling towards animals, people do not hesitate to sell them, slaughter them, separate them and move them whenever it is deemed necessary. We do not consider it a sin or an objectionable behaviour. Lady Macbeth lost her sleep because of the shed blood, but a person with a traditional Jewish outlook would not feel bad at all. He would remain his cheerful self, after killing Palestinian peasants in Kafr Kassem in 1956, or Egyptian POWs in 1967, or indeed, Russian and Hungarian gentry in 1920, Germans and Poles in 1945, Iraqis and Afghanis in 2002.

Such a person would not leave an impression of homicidal mania, because he would consider himself a perfectly sound man. I have met many professional killers and torturers in Israel, and none of them have experienced pangs of conscience. An old judge of the High Court, Moshe Landoi, permitted 'moderate' torture of detained Goyiim, but their cries did not disturb his sleep. He is still honoured by his colleagues and the media. In an interview, a Shabak official Ehud Yatom boasted he smashed a Palestinian prisoner's head with a stone5. He could not comprehend why somebody would find it objectionable, and as a matter of fact, when his career suffered a minor setback, he was supported by many MPs and by Israeli public.

This deep conviction in one's own righteousness makes us Jews so unusual. It also makes the job of good Jews more difficult. We do not cause enough annoyance. Jewish Nazis are quite tolerant towards Jewish liberals: the parties have a strained but comfortable relationship of a hunter and vegetarian, not a hunter and a hunted one. Rare Jewish radicals found on the al-Awdah and suchlike groups break the complacent mould when they reject the very idea of a Jewish state and of the eternal People of Israel.

The peculiar feeling towards a non-Jew is manifested in the Jewish endogamy, tradition of marriage within the creed. In Talmud, marriage to a Gentile equals bestiality. Even in 20th century, the Jewish writer Sholom Aleichem describes his good Jew, Tevie the Milkman (the Fiddler on the Roof), doing full mourning rites for his daughter who have been married to a Gentile. Just last year, Mortimer Zuckerman, the owner of many American newspapers, divorced his Gentile wife in order to be elevated to the top of the US Jewish community. Jews, who married outside the creed usually break with the organised Jewry, part with racism and join the human race.

Children of mixed marriages are often misled as to their status vis-a-vis the Jewish community. Whatever they are being told by their well-meaning parents, they are often considered as impure bastards and unfit for important positions in the community. The community will use them, abuse them and discard them. This pattern is seen in Israel, where the children of mixed marriages serve in the army but are buried outside the fence if they die for the Jewish state. It would be better for them, while having a moderate interest in their origin, to throw their lot with the folks that will accept them fully.

The present rise of the Jewish paradigm is not the first one. It is similar to Freddy of the Elm Street Horror movie: whenever this concept materializes, it causes genocide. Biblical total genocide of Joshua served as a model for genocidal Hasmoneans, mass murders of Bar Kochba led to slaughter of gentiles in Yemen and Palestine, Cyprus and Alexandria. They were exceeded by large scale genocide practiced by the Jewish rulers of Khazaria. The genocide of Palestinians will not be forgotten and it will cause the genocide of Jews. That is why I believe the bloodthirsty spectre of a Jewish state should be laid to rest.

We can offer a differing paradigm, that of equality. After all, the real chasm is not between the Arab and the Jew; it is between ZioNazis and the rest of us. Present Israeli leaders committed horrible war crimes and lost the last vestige of their legitimacy. There is an urgent need to establish a new legitimate leadership for the whole of Palestine, following the example of South African ANC, a leadership comprising all religious and ethnic communities of Palestine, a leadership that will call the citizens to take arms against the bloody dictator Sharon.

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2. It was published in Harpers Magazine, October 2001,

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Israel Shamir is an Israeli journalist based in Jaffa.

This article was reprinted on Serendipity on 2002-03-11 CE.

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