Walking the Minefields of Free Energy
By Wade Frazier
April 2005

Recently, a pal on the path who is trying to get a kind of global solutions magazine off the ground asked me to contribute writings to it. The publisher proposed that a naïve positive vision could make it happen, and not one that deals with the dark stuff. I responded with the following:

I doubt that will work. I began my journey with naïve idealism, and here is what I discovered the hard way. Earth's humans have been held in thrall for a very long time, by beings that I call "on the dark path." It is not really dark, but just the path of making self-servingness a science. They pull the strings on Earth, and they are committed to human misery because they thrive off it in very sick ways.


The main way to keep humans miserable is to keep them on the brink of survival. The way you do that is through economics. Keep everything scarce, keep people on the brink, and you can watch a good fight. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but am reporting what I discovered at great personal cost.

While I have not interacted at length with the dark path people, I have borne the brunt of their stuff enough to get an idea of what they are about, and have enough people in my circles who have interacted with them at greater length. It can be argued that the people who offered us $1 billion to stop pursuing free energy merely did it to protect their market.


However, it was probably the same group who froze $20 billion in the bank of some buddies of ours, after they gave a billion dollars of food and supplies to the Soviet military:


Why would the Big Boys do something like that? The answer that comes easiest to mind is world domination. They would not allow another group, no matter how benevolent, to become "players" on the world scene.

After seeing stuff like that, the so-called "conspiracy theories" about the Illuminati, Bilderbergers and so on seem less farfetched. Oh, I do not endorse all the stuff that comes with that body of research/theory, and many go off the deep end when considering those possible realities. Staying balanced when encountering that reality is very challenging. Love and integrity are the keys.

Apparently every speaker at last year’s New Energy Movement conference talked about the concerted suppression of new energy, either from first hand experience or just being in the milieu for awhile and sniffing the air. The offer we were made may have been the biggest the Big Boys have yet offered (because we were a movement, not a lone wolf inventor), but it was not all that unusual, as they have paid off 10,000 people at an average of $10 million each over the past sixty years or so to stop pursuing stuff like free energy and anti-gravity.


That is reality, and I do not want to hook up with anybody who does not understand that. Again, love and integrity is the only way to overcome that situation and bring heaven on earth into being. The Big Boys, however, are committed to keeping humans enslaved to scarcity, and prefer to rule in hell than be regular members of heaven.

And this is where it becomes incredibly tricky, and again, the only way out is integrity and love, which will bring about true sentience. The vast majority of people stay in denial about the situation I just outlined. Why? Is it too overwhelming? Does it shatter their fantasies about the world they live in? We can speculate, but what I have found with Americans is that they have many egocentric delusions about how the world works, delusions they were largely fed (and unthinkingly digested, because it tasted good at first) that allow them to stay complacent, even quietly desperate (as they have learned to adapt to that situation). I discovered that reality through thousands of interactions with Americans. Not fun to find that out, but that is how it is, and ignoring that reality is perilous.

Then, if people acknowledge the Big Boys exist and play their games, then two more pits of quicksand beckon. The first swallows up most conspiracy researchers/theorists. It is the notion that those "bad guys" are responsible for all the world’s ills, and if they are simply unmasked and dealt with, then all will be well. That is a delusion. The Big Boys are simply masters of a game that most people play at one level or another, and again it comes from the scarcity perspective. The game is that there is not enough love and good stuff to go around, and that the only way I can "get mine" is to take it from you. I call it the "Zero-Sum Game", and there are other names for it. Basically, it is the scarcity game. It is the game humanity has been playing for at least the last 10,000 years, and perhaps forever. The zero-sum game largely explains why Americans stand back and watch (or applaud) while the United States military destroys Iraq while seizing its oil fields. It explains why they have cheered virtually all American wars. The Big Boys cannot be beat at their game, as they are the masters of it. They cannot be unmasked, and they cannot be dealt with, as far as removing them from power in a violent or legalistic manner. We can only make them obsolete, and we can only do that by shattering the zero-sum game, and that can only be done by making an abundance paradigm happen. Also, playing the conspiracy theorist/researcher game is hazardous, and most tend to become paranoid (another fear reaction, like denial is). Also, because the Big Boys do not leave paper trails and archives that radical analysts such as Chomsky can peruse, too many conspiracy researchers begin spinning grand yarns with little evidence. They can get "way out" fast. There are also Big Boy provocateurs in their ranks. Not to say that much of what the conspiracy researchers/theorists present may not be true, but is not something that anybody can try to "prove". Maybe the Queen of England is a shape-shifting lizard, but David Icke does not present much evidence that I have seen that people can check out for themselves. In my work, I stay away from stuff that cannot be easily verified by somebody who gets out of their easy chair and does a little research.

The second pit of quicksand is to become hopeless and cede all power to the Big Boys. The Big Boys really do not have much power. They are only playing their games with the power they have been handed by a humanity that largely does not care about anything beyond their little egocentric lives. The masses will not initiate the shift to an abundance paradigm. They are too hooked into their little lives, living their lives of complacency, quiet desperation and so on. That is generally a heretical notion to the "left", although some of the rad leftists that I respect will utter the blasphemous from time to time:


Another pitfall that ensnares many at this point is to argue that to acknowledge that dynamic is to take an unreasonably dim view of humanity, and be "negative". I believe that is incorrect. It is simply to acknowledge the reality we live in. The primary reason things are the way they are is the inertia of the masses. They have the power by their sheer numbers. They are currently dancing to the dark path tune, although without much enthusiasm, and changing that dance is the name of my game. As the dust settled in Ventura, I realized that if 50 people had banded around Dennis and Mr. Inventor the way that Mr. Professor and I did, we had a good chance at making free energy a reality. With a hundred, it would have been easy. But I am not sure a hundred can be found like that. I am talking about people who devoted their entire lives to the project, whose integrity was unshakable no matter what came down the pipeline. Because there were literally only two of us, standing up for the light and the truth pretty much destroyed us, as far as our earthly lives went. We both got bankrupted, Mr. Professor’s health unraveled and he died an early death, and I will be paying the price of my journey for a long, long time. But, a mere two of us were sufficient to at least derail the dark path project of putting Dennis away forever and burying any possibility of free energy coming from our efforts. Dennis tried picking up the pieces and making another run at it, but at this time he is a long, long way from getting over the hump, and is almost back at square one.

If there had been a hundred of us instead of two, I doubt the Big Boys could have done much about it. We would have been too hard to derail. Again, I do not know where that hundred may be. I have looked for many years. The ways the Big Boys derail you are many. They use big carrots, such as billion dollar bribes. They use big sticks, such as freezing $20 billion in the bank, or throwing people in prison and throwing away the key; and when all else fails, they get violent. But their game works best when they are picking off people one at a time, or unleashing provocateurs in the midst of people who are easily manipulated, such as they did with Bill the BPA Hit Man:


If Bill encountered people who were not easily manipulated by playing to their ego mechanisms, he would have been sidelined pretty quickly as his game would have fallen on deaf ears. But in the "general population", he was like a fox in the henhouse. I have sailed in new energy circles on and off over the past twenty years, and while there were a few who had lived their integrity, knew the score, and had a pretty good idea of how to go about making free energy happen, it was only a few. The "hundred heroes" model probably will not work because there are not a hundred to find, or they are scattered around the world on various projects to try saving humanity’s bacon, and cannot be rounded up to concentrate on making free energy happen, which on a practical level is the key to the paradigm shift, because it would be the engine of abundance. Heck, I would not be one of the hundred heroes, as I already shot my wad for this life (I could help educate them, however). The qualities of the hundred heroes are that they will never advocate violating anybody, even the "bad guys", they fully realize that the means become the ends, they devote all their life’s energy to "the light", and they will always strive for the highest and best for all, no matter what comes their way. At least on this plane, the dark team will use all the tricks in their bag to try derailing those heroes, but the greatest threat to the hundred heroes is what the thundering herd does, not the Big Boys (but they control the herd, or at least guide it).

My goal, ever since I began researching and writing my website, was not to find 100 heroes (although I would try to gather those I could find), but to find 10,000 of the brave, of the loving, who had the courage to acknowledge the situation we are in and envision something different — the quantum leap to abundance. I found a desert of apathy and indifference out there, worse than I even thought it might be. As far as I have seen, it will never work by playing to naïve people, to get them to see the positive vision without educating them on the reality we live in. To just give them the positive vision is to not trust them, believing that they cannot handle reality. In fact, I would never do it, as it would not be fair. To just give them the abundance vision and try to get them to sign on for that would be to manipulate them (kind of like how the military recruits soldiers). Full disclosure is the only way to do it with integrity. I want to talk to people’s souls, not their egos.

Today’s reality on Earth is not pretty. For those who think it is, I invite them to go to Baghdad, Fallujah or Afghanistan. There is a paradox here. The positive vision is really the only one that will get us over the hump, but not one that is in denial about the darkness. Integrating the darkness into the perspective is necessary, and very few can do that. Preaching the positive vision to the naïve almost always goes like this: I tell them about what is possible and how easily it could happen, and I get back:

"You mean we can have free energy and the heaven on earth that can come with it? Wow!"

But the next response is the most common that I have received:

"If this was so great and so easy, why has nobody done it before?"

If they did not immediately ask that question, then a "pure positive" vision might work. But the honest answer to that question shatters their fantasies, and more than 99% of people cannot handle that answer and what comes with it, although if one has integrity, coming out the other end of that educational process shows the true path of light. The paradox is that it is a path of light and love, but educated people are less likely to fall off the path in the many ways that people can fall. The naïve cannot walk that path in today’s world.

I have likened the issue of the Big Boys and the "good people" to that Aesop’s Fable where the lion lays in his den, beckoning his prey one at a time, the lie working on each of them (because they do not survive to tell anybody else about how it went in the lair). When only one being of light enters that cave, they become a tasty meal. The "conspiracy theory" folks often think they can be a hero and go in and kill the lion, or put up a big sign outside the lair, warning everybody about him. While that might work, I have studied that milieu for many years and little good has come from it. If the bunch of us walked into that lair at the same time, people who were not susceptible to being bribed or threatened or derailed by many subtle means that play to the ego, the game would be over for that lion. Those who live in the good guy/bad guy paradigm think those heroes should make a rug out of that lion, but that is the main reason they always fail. There is an octave to leap here, the leap to light and love. What I dream is that those people would go in and scratch the lion under the chin, pet his belly and let him know that while his game of luring one goat at a time into his lair is over, they are dedicated to feeding him something more nourishing and fulfilling, and they help transform that lion into a vegetarian. Of course, that analogy can only go so far, but I think you get my point. My point is that the lion is real, as is his lair, and he thrives on a stream of naïve goats coming in one at a time. The lion needs prey, so part of the solution is also to get the goats to realize the lion does not really have anything to offer, although his pitch sounds attractive.

In summary:

There is an action plan for a hundred heroes, but I doubt the hundred heroes exist or can be rounded up.

For 10,000 of the brave and the loving, the action plan is to first get educated on our reality. When they can be educated and hold the vision, they just may be able to "infect" the masses, and the masses can follow, and along the way just might glimpse a reality they have never dared to imagine.

The action plan for the naïve is one that I lived through nearly twenty years ago. I have no desire to live through that one again. For one thing, it does not work, or whatever "progress" was made extracted an awesome cost from the participants. I am not willing to pay that price again. You can call it the limits of my integrity, and you might be right, but I also do not believe in martyrs, and pulling Dennis off the burning woodpile and cutting his ropes to the stake is not something I wish to do again.

It is quite possible that what I learned cannot be taught. Perhaps the well-meaning and naïve need to go through the grinder of trying to make it happen. But very few survive that lesson. So, I am going for the 10,000 plan. That might also be a failure (and at this point I have little hope for it), but I don’t have to gamble my entire life to try it out, and I am not asking the 10,000 for anything but to become aware, which at this stage is the key to making it happen. If/when they can become aware, taking action will be the easy part.

So, that is where I am at these days. I can write some pure visionary stuff and people can then find out more by reading my site. If anybody takes any of it seriously, I would expect them to read my site, so they would quickly get "full disclosure". I can live with that approach.  : - )

Be well.

Love and peace,


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