The Free Energy Conundrum
Is Humanity Ready for Abundance?
By Wade Frazier, December 2005

A Summary of the Free Energy Conundrum

1. There are two prominent motivations for making free, forever renewable, non-polluting energy a daily reality for humanity:

On the upside — an unprecedented human journey based on abundance instead of scarcity can be catalyzed by a transition to free energy, while healing the environment at the same time.

On the downside — today’s energy production methods are destroying the biosphere; energy scarcity is the primary reason for global poverty, and the Middle East is increasingly becoming the site of energy wars, which may ignite World War III.

2. Such free energy sources exist and have been extensively developed in the United States and elsewhere, however:

The technologies that use those energy sources have been subjected to deep secrecy (Black Budget, Above Top Secret, privatized).

Those attempting to independently develop technology to use those energy sources have been bought out or wiped out, although such efforts usually self-destruct before attaining the stage where they need derailing.

Those leading the suppression of the independent efforts also control the extensively developed free energy technologies, and their influence is wielded in subtle yet powerful fashion; they are forcing artificial scarcity onto humanity for reasons of earthly power (I call them the Big Boys in my work).

3. Far less than 1% of the U.S. population has constructively engaged that situation, the proportions falling somewhat along these lines:

Most people are unaware that the situation exists, largely due to the clandestine methods used to keep the situation unknown and a compliant media system, but also because most people do not want to know.

Those exposed to this situation usually deny it, often by dismissing it as a “conspiracy theory”.

Those acknowledging the situation’s reality usually have unproductive reactions, such as:

  • paranoia
  • apathy
  • hopelessness
  • trying to expose or punish the suppressors
  • beating the suppressors at their own game
  • trying to get a piece of the suppression action for themselves
  • thwarting those attempting to overcome the suppression, as they try stealing the technology/market for themselves

Those acknowledging the situation and attempting a constructive response, such as mounting an effort to develop such technologies and bring them to the public, or educating the public about the situation, seem to number fewer than one thousand people; and of those, the number possessing the integrity sufficient to mount a potentially successful effort is probably fewer than one hundred people.

4. If an effort to overcome the suppression and public inertia is going to have a realistic chance of succeeding, that final group needs to grow to thousands of people, to form a critical mass. The effort needs to reach far beyond the small and insular alternative energy community. Simply becoming aware of the issue and engaging in constructive dialogue may be all that is needed. The primary qualification for a member of that critical mass group is nearly incorruptible integrity. The task is formidable, because people of that level of integrity are less than one-per-thousand in the U.S. general population, but that approach appears to have the best chance of success with the least risk to the participants.

The bold contentions in this summary are explored at depth in the following essay. Perhaps the above summary is incorrect, but nobody I trust with significant experience in that milieu denies its basic thrust.

Copyright 2005 Wade Frazier

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