Profile of Nick Sand

Since the dawn of the age of psychedelics the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people, probably millions of inner explorers, has been sparked, illuminated and inspired. Of these, some have devoted their energy and lives to psychedelic research. The names of these early pioneers include William James, Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Ralph Metzner, Peter Stafford and many others. By book, lecture and interview they have endeavored to share their knowledge and to inform others about their journeys to the new frontier — the Interior Landscape.

The psychedelic journey within provides windows on the visions of the saints, buddhas and yogis. Formerly these visions were only obtainable by years of practice and austerity. In modern times the need for these visions, these ecstatic modes of thinking and feeling, has become a vital necessity for the survival of the planet. If we cannot on a large scale "see" that we are the stewards of the planet, and begin to care for our home, planet Earth, we will soon cease to exist.

Nick Sand became interested in psychedelics during his stay with the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico. These people also have a tradition of psilocybin use via hereditary lines of shamans. Nick became very interested in the usefulness of psychedelics in modern society after a few trips guided by Mazatec shaman Maria Sabina. Upon return to the U.S., in 1962 or 1963, he joined the Leage for Spiritual Discovery, a legally incorporated religion dedicated to self-discovery through the use of psychedelic sacraments.

At this time psychedelics were entirely legal. But soon restrictions were placed on the the free sale of these substances from chemical houses, and the sacrament came into short supply. Nick at this time was one of the "guides" who took people through their first trips at the headquarters of the L. S. D. at the commune in Millbrook, New York state.

Leary and Alpert encouraged Nick to make the psychedelics because of his background and aptitude for chemistry. He was appointed official alchemist for the League and directed to manufacture for, and distribute to, members of the religious group.

In 1966 the psychedelics were proscribed by law. This was seen by many as a violation of religious freedom, and many went underground, continuing the tradition of using and making the psychedelics for religious and ecstatic purposes. Nick Sand was one of these, and remained underground in order to provide psychedelics of high purity. He has pursued his destiny with honor and dedication.

In 1978 Nick met Osho. He took sannyas soon afterwards,
becoming Swami Deva Pravasi.

Nicholas Sand