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11. Further Research Needed

The idea that there might be a realm inhabited by alien beings able to communicate with humans in an intelligent manner, and that these beings may be contacted through the use of a laboratory product, is sufficiently bizarre that some may be tempted to reject it unthinkingly. Modern-day common sense certainly rejects the possibility entirely, but a scientific approach to the subject requires suspension of common sense in favor of an unbiased study of the available data. In this case the rawest data available consists of the reports of those who have had direct experience of the DMT state.

Further research is needed to distinguish among the possible interpretations presented in Section 7, or to provide a basis for other interpretations. Basically this means further human explorations of the DMT experience, with articulate reports on the experience. This would allow us to begin to determine what are the common characteristics, in humans, of the experience induced by smoking DMT. Do all subjects eventually experience (apparent) contact with alien beings? How is this contact related to dose and method of administration? In what form(s) do the entities (tend to) appear? How often are cases of human-alien communication reported? What is the content of this communication?

As an aid to further research in this field I have compiled a bibliography of publications, mostly articles concerning DMT.

A psychedelic explorer who makes a committed study of DMT (especially if smoked or administered i.v.) will before long find themself dealing with that which transcends ordinary imagination (having left reason far behind). This may challenge the courage of the explorer, as is well described by D. M . Turner, who confirms that sometimes one approaches the experience with trepidation. However, it may be that we have yet to fully understand what is the best mode of contact with the DMT realm (which may prove to be oral ingestion in combination with harmaline), and once this question has been answered it may be possible for explorers to enter this realm without encountering the fear and dread which earlier explorers have reported. Contact with alien entities in other worlds has long been reported from non-Western and pre-modern societies. Such reports are usually presented in the context of a particular mythology or cosmology that makes it difficult to relate them to a modern scientific view of the world. This may mean, not that these reports are false, but that our scientific view of the world needs to be extended. A scientific attitude - that is, an open and questioning attitude to the advancement of knowledge, one which does not shun any repeatable observation regardless of how bizarre it may seem - is not inconsistent with the discovery of intelligent, non-human entities in a higher-dimensional realm. If they are there, and can be contacted reliably, let us see what they have to say.

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