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9. The "Elves"

Hyperspace, as it is revealed by DMT (revealed to some, anyway), appears to be full of personal entities. They are non-physical in the sense that they are not objects in the three-dimensional space to which we are accustomed. Some of the beings encountered in the DMT state may once have been living humans, but perhaps such "dead souls" are in the minority among the intelligent beings in that realm.

In his classic The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries [21] W. Y. Evans-Wentz recorded many tales provided to him by local people of encounters with beings, variously called fairies, elves, the wee folk, the good people, the gentry, the Sidhe, the Tuatha De Danann, etc., who inhabit a realm normally beyond our ken. The belief in this order of beings was firm among the celtish peoples of Brittain and France at the time Evans-Wentz conducted his studies (c. 1900), but has since been largely supplanted by the beliefs instilled in the public by the rise of physical science and technology. Evans-Wentz collected numerous reports of elf-sightings, such as the following (which is part of an account given by a member of the Lower House of the Manx Parliament):

I looked across the river and saw a circle of supernatural light, which I have now come to regard as the "astral light" or the light of Nature, as it is called by mystics, and in which spirits become visible. ... [I]nto this space, and the circle of light, from the surrounding sides apparently, I saw come in twos and threes a great crowd of little beings smaller than Tom Thumb and his wife. All of them, who appeared like soldiers, were dressed in red. They moved back and forth amid the circle of light, as they formed into order like troops drilling. ([21], p.113.)
Reviewing his data, Evans-Wentz writes:

We seem, in fact, to have arrived at a point in our long investigations where we can postulate scientifically, on the showing of the data of psychical research, the existence of such invisible intelligences as gods, genii, daemons, all kinds of true fairies, and disembodied [i.e. deceased] men. ([21], p.480.)

He then goes on to quote an earlier researcher:

Either it is we who produce these phenomena [which, says Evans-Wentz, is unreasonable] or it is spirits. But mark this well: these spirits are not necessarily the souls of the dead; for other kinds of spiritual beings may exist, and space may be full of them without our ever knowing anything about it, except under unusual circumstances [such as a sudden change in brain chemistry]. Do we not find in the different ancient literatures, demons, angels, gnomes, goblins, sprites, spectres, elementals, etc.? Perhaps these legends are not without some foundation in fact. (Flammarion [28], quoted in [21], p.481.)
Evans-Wentz concludes ([21], p.490) that a realm of discarnate, intelligent forces known as fairies, elves, etc., exists "as a supernormal state of consciousness into which men and women may enter temporarily in dreams, trances, or in various ecstatic conditions," such as, we may add, the condition produced by smoking DMT.

I suggest that the faerie world studied by Evans-Wentz and the space into which one may enter under the influence of DMT are parts of a common higher-dimensional space which transcends and encompasses consensus reality as understood at present.

This hyperspace, or metacosmos, has the knack of arranging for things to happen at the right time and place and for the right purpose, though how this happens is not always clear.

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