Reports of 5-MeO-DMT Experiences
by an anonymous author

My First Trip

My first experience with 5-MeO DMT was several months ago. I was home alone, and had thought "Gee this will be a fun thing to do to pass the time..." Needless to say, I was amazed.

I placed approx. 30mg of 5-MeO into a pipe, and smoked it, in one toke, without a second thought. An instant later, I was crawled up on my bed (in the fetal position) with my eyes closed, squirming around, screaming (in my head) "Fuck! You killed yourself!" I repeated this several times, very fearful of death. I didn't see anything, while my eyes were shut, except for a bright white light, that which you see after staring at a bright light. The only other "vision" was one in my mind - I came to the realization that my life would be wasted if I died there. This showed me all of my scripts being discarded and nothing good happening ever again. This was a glimpse into my future, if I died.

Some say that the bright light is soft and welcoming. However, I was deathly afraid of the whole experience (up to that point).

I have read that the key to getting through a 5-MeO trip is to concentrate on breathing. This I did, and that helped me survive (mentally).

I kicked my shoes off of my feet, whilst laying on the bed, and felt as though I couldn't touch the ground. (I have, since noticed that one can be much more comfortable on 5-MeO if you stand up, or sit in a chair, with your feet touching the ground.) My cat jumped up onto the bed and started walking around my head, seemingly worried. His eyes were scared, perhaps for me. His mouth was moving as though he was mewing, but I could not hear him. I opened my eyes and reached out to pet him, and he felt as soft as anything. The feeling was not a softness I have ever felt before. As soon as he started to look less worried, I too felt better.

After a few minutes (about three minutes from the first inhalation) I had no doubt that I would survive, so I got up from the bed, and started to stumble around. My mouth felt strange, as if full of cat hair, which I felt certain was in my mouth, but I couldn't get rid of the feeling!

My throat was burning also, ever since inhaling, it burnt like I just downed a shot of tequila, but the burn stayed in my throat for around an hour.

I walked into the living room and placed a CD into the stereo, as the first song started, my attention span disappeared, and I walked back into my bedroom. To my surprise, forty minutes had passed, in what I remembered as mere seconds. This scared me, thinking that maybe I had blacked out.

I felt the effect for about an hour, it slowly faded away. The whole time, I had trails almost identical to those which are the effect of LSD.

After this experience, I felt better about life. I felt as though I had died, but now, I was all better.

My Second Trip

My second time with 5-MeO was a shocker. I was contently smoking some poppy leaves, when suddenly, after about six tokes, I started to feel a trip again. I soon realized it was the left-over 5-MeO. This calmed me down, and I leisurely walked around the yard.

This also showed me that 5-MeO can be more enjoyable, and less unnerving if taken in smaller doses. Thus I have not ventured to a dose as high as my original.

Another 5-Meo-DMT trip

Approx. 8-10 mg. of 5-MeO DMT (to the best of my knowledge, 100% pure) was smoked through a traditional herbal pipe (the screen in it being used and coated with ash, so as to prevent the crystals from slipping through). I took one deep inhalation, holding it until I started to feel the effects of the drug, then exhaling. This was done, alone. I then quickly placed the pipe down and dropped onto my bed, still holding the lighter and the remaining 5-MeO in a small vial.

With my eyes closed, an arch-like horizontal line appeared, pulsating, and turning into a clearer picture of one large pulsating light. Two more lights then appeared, on the left and right, below the first, in a pyramid shape (they all were perfectly round, and sending out a soft light). The top circular light then started to form a face, apparently that of a round-faced Buddhist. The eyes and mouth of the face were soft, sketched black lines. The two lower lights formed into shoulder blades, looking like platforms on the lower sides of the head. This scene disappeared swiftly, fading into the cloud-like background. A new setting took form, that of two statues. The statue on the left was taller and more man-like, while the statue on the left was more feminine and shorter. It looked as though they were standing at opposite ends of a river. The river, however minuscule compared to the size of the figures. In between the statues, a small amount of static started to arise. The static was not very detailed, but seemed to tell me what was happening beyond the static window (it also slowly got closer to me). Quick images of people running about, madly, running on the ground, and running in the air. The static then took over my full view, and the feeling of insanity and madness disappeared, as I opened my eyes and moved my arms.

Standing up, I had a good feeling, almost pure ecstasy.

Some Thoughts about Tryptamines

One second, you are enjoying/wasting your life away, the next minute, your mind is forcefully being thrust toward a bright light. The light can seem very knowledgeable and friendly, it can possibly represent an easy way out, a way to resist the madness and pain that your living mind is encountering. Past and/or future events in your life flash before your eyes in fractions of a second. You see deceased loved ones, they always seem to tell you to go back to reality, resist the light. You do so, and come out of your daze a changed person, with a new agenda for your life. A new, often happier outlook.

Explained above is a common story that is told by individuals who claim to have had a near-death experience. This is also a common tale told by users of Dimethyltryptamine or 5-Methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (known as DMT and 5-MeO-DMT respectively). DMT is found in dozens of plants, and can successfully be extracted. Some plants contain only DMT, others contain only 5-MeO-DMT, and some have both. It is used in many South American shamanistic rituals (where it is called Ayahuasca or Yagé) as a way to find divine guidance. Interestingly enough, DMT is also found in the human body, specifically the pineal gland, in the brain.

Aside from the "near-death" images that DMT can cause, it also disrupts one's time/space perception, wherein minutes and even hours can be lost. No memory of the lost time is present afterwards, and during the experience, particular minutes or hours of time pass within seconds.

This "lost-time" motif is also a common part of so-called alien abduction cases. Mysteriously enough, smoked DMT (not 5-MeO-DMT) can give the user images of "alien" beings watching over and speaking with them. Conversations often occur, however the experience ends without the "abductee" learning what he/she wanted. Needless to say, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are very powerful hallucinogens.

Putting all of these conclusions together, one must be at the least a bit interested in DMT, wondering if it indeed is the cause of "alien abductions" and/or "near-death experiences".

Not much is known as to what the pineal gland's purpose is in the body. Some scientists believe the pineal gland and DMT to be a gateway to the other world, a means of exiting from one's current body, to move into the afterlife (whatever your personal religious thoughts are of an afterlife, if you believe in such). If there is some way for the body's natural supply of DMT to leak or flow into the bloodstream, that could easily explain what are commonly thought of as "near-death experiences" and "alien abductions".

The only discernible difference between DMT and 5-MeO-DMT is that DMT can produce a glimpse of another (possibly entirely hallucinatory) world, while 5-MeO-DMT can give a more spiritual, deathly-scared feel, of the real world. Neither one could ever become a drug of abuse, as their use is too unnerving.

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