Rodney Stich: Background

Rodney Stich Rodney Stich has spent over 50 years in aviation. He started as a navy pilot and instructor in World War II. After the war, he became an airline pilot flying in domestic and international operations. In the 1960s he was an inspector and investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), during which time he was responsible for air safety at several major airlines. These duties included conducting flight checks of airline pilots, issuing government ratings so they could fly that particular aircraft, checking for safety problems, making safety recommendations, and anything else involving air safety.

The experiences and knowledge that he acquired in the aviation area broadened to include other government agencies and branches of government, expanding what he learned as an insider to areas in which most of the public is totally uninformed.

As an FAA inspector he witnessed a major air disaster in his area of safety responsibilities an average of one major air disaster every six months, showing the consequences of the air safety misconduct that he and other inspectors sought to report and correct.

In attempting to report and correct these accident-causing problems, he came up against big government, and fought it head-on. This led to discovery of even more misconduct, not only in the areas relating to airline crashes, but in other areas, such as misconduct by people in control of the CIA, Justice Department, and other federal agencies and branches of government.

His aggressiveness in fighting government misconduct brought him into other areas of government corruption. He became friends with, and acquired as confidants during the past ten years, a large number of former CIA and other deep-cover operatives who provided him with information and documents about government misconduct that enlarged upon what he had already discovered as a federal and then a private investigator.

The areas of government misconduct in which Stich is proficient and/or an expert include:

A sample of his attempts to halt the harm inflicted by corrupt government:

Books that he wrote:

Excerpts from letters sent to Stich:

"In my opinion you deserve the highest commendation this country can bestow on a man. Instead, our subversive and corrupt government has tried to crucify you."

"God bless you sir for the wonderful work that you are doing. I think that you are a modern day American hero."

"First of all, I would like to congratulate you and thank you for your heroic efforts and patriotic morals to the people of this nation in your heart-felt work."

"I am inspired by men such as yourself who have the courage and conviction to stand against overwhelming odds and aggression all in the name of truth. May God bless you Rodney, bless you and protect you. I have a strong stirring in my heart that men such as yourself will not be much longer tolerated by the powers to be."

"When I manage to meet a man such as yourself, Rodney, I am reminded of the greatness this nation once had."

"You sir are a Patriot; by the very definition of the truth, you shine. May you live long and prosper in the Kingdom of righteous men."

"Dear Mr. Stich, Brave, honest, noble, bright. That's Rodney Stich!!! ... And I pray that you can shine that bright light of truth upon the darkness that is America."

Excerpts from book reviews for Rodney Stich's Defrauding America:

Unclassified, the magazine of the Association of National Security Alumni (former U.S. intelligence agency personnel):

"How to describe this extraordinary book? First, let UNCLASSIFIED's reviewer stress that it is required reading for anyone concerned with national security system abuses. ... This is a moving book by a man of integrity deeply affected by the injustice, criminality, and suffering he has seen and personally experienced over the past two decades. ... Even if taken as a novel, it is a hell of a good read."

Nexus magazine (February-March 1994 issue):

"This is a thoroughly researched and comprehensive book ... I highly recommend this book as an all-time classic in its field."

L. Fletcher Prouty, author of The Secret Team and JFK, The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy:

"Your book is great."

Hollywood promotion celebrity Irwin Zucker:

"A blockbuster."

John Austin's HIS Features in Hollywood:

"The most explosive book on the market."

Dick Gregory, WOL Washington, D.C. host and activist:

"Defrauding America should be on top of every bible."

Book reviews for Unfriendly Skies:

"It would be a tragedy if this book were taken only as a technical study of air safety. It is in fact a candidate to be the most important and best informed! discussion of public affairs of this decade." -- West Coast Review of Books

"The book is dynamite and powerful reading ... widespread cover-up by every known check and balance in the country. The book depicts the American public, and even foreign citizens, being victimized by a vast government racketeering enterprise, in which the air disaster victims are only one part of many." -- Flight Review magazine

"A damning portrait of deliberate criminal misconduct in his descriptions of forty years of air disasters and behind-the-scenes cover-ups. Efforts of government agencies, individuals, and airlines to mislead the public are charted in chapters which include reviews of air safety standards and areas for improvement." -- Bookwatch Midwest Book Review

"The amount of research and documentation within the book is 'awesome' ... the writing is splendid, easily read, and exceptionally well organized." -- Flight Training magazine book, reviewer Dave Gwinn

"656-page tale of horrors unfolds ... The book made me realize how fallible humans are." -- Johannesburg Sunday Times Magazine

"Unfriendly Skies is a record of scandal, disaster, and heartbreak that demands an accounting from the highest levels of the industry and government." -- American Library Association

"He charges a cover-up of such proportions even the mass media don't want to touch the story, and I must say, makes a good case." -- Bookviews

"In this shocking book, Rodney Stich presents impressive evidence to show that a virtual 'government Mafia' does indeed exist." -- Book Review's Jan Frazer

"Unfriendly Skies is a shocking report ... the facts he cites are devastating, indicating dereliction of duty and responsibility by airlines and the federal authority supposedly checking on them." -- Seattle Times Magazine's Larry Rumley

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