1996 CIA FOIA Case Log Highlights
by Michael Ravnitzky

Here are some selected subjects of CIA FOIA requests filed in calendar year 1996. The CIA removes the case number from the case log, probably the only agency to do so (those rascals!). (Most agencies provide case logs with the case numbers of the requests so that you can refer to specific requests.)

The bad news is that any ordinary non-journalist who wants copies of records already provided by the CIA (so called 'fill-from' FOIA requests) must pay search fees all over again.

The good news is that as journalists, YOU are not required under the FOIA to pay search fees and thus you can request any of these records without outrageous fees resulting from this anomalous CIA practice of removing the case numbers.

I am just going to list subjects of some of the requests I found most interesting, without including the names of the requesters and dates of requests.

If you want a complete list for any year, just write to the CIA and ask for a copy of the 19XX FOIA Case Log for any particular year. Lee Strickland, Office of Information and Privacy, Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC 20505. You can also ask for anything listed below.

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