Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 17:14
From: econtv <>
To: The ciadrugs mailing list <>
Subject: J'accuse

Bear Bottoms [a contributor to this list who has been downplaying the significance of Mena - ed.] wrote:

> You are not being clear about anything. You are making
> inferances [sic] without standing up straight and coming right
> out with it. Either I am lying or they are. There is no
> middle ground. This is one of those rare black and white
> instances. You attempt to make my straight forwardedness
> sound sleazy. Those people are without question lying about
> what I have pointed out. Your dilema [sic] is you don't have
> enough direct knowledge to make a clear conclusion. You
> must chose a team. I don't know who Martin is, but I will
> read the following and make a comment if I have one.
> It was drugs flowing north and guns flowing south.

Bear, You have hit the nail squarely on the head, and I give you (openly) credit for it. "Either you are lying or they are."

In one way or another, all of these people's stories collaborate and verify each other, though, given the way (dis)information on these matters becomes public, their testimony, one by one, each has things which <may> be disinformation (lies).

BUT ... in their essence THEIR stories ALL jibe.

Yours is the lonesome voice crying 'nay.'

Russel does NOT collaborate your story, except in the details which he knows you to have been directly involved with. AND the problem with your testimony all along, as has been pointed out to you many times, is your overreaching, attempting to sway opinion about events you did NOT have personal experience of.

I think this is a fair assessment.

So, someone on the outside (me) must make a judgemnt call at some point, unless one must have personally experienced every detail of the story. And no journo can/does that. We come along AFTER, and read the tea leaves.

We have Welch, Wheaton, Martin, Reed, Tatum, Brown, former congressman Alexander, Brenneke, and even Jerry Parks widow's testimony on Mena ... ALL contradicted solely by you, Bill. YOU are the ONLY one saying, "Mena is a myth."

(And don't tell me Welch calls Reed a liar; I know that. But welch ALSO says that most of what Reed wrote is TRUE, 'cept that he places himself (Reed) in situations he has only learned about afterwards.)

But not only do I not have the time to puzzle out all of the sordid bullshit that these people have done to each other at one point in their (your) seemingly incessant internecine warfare, I DON'T CARE. Personal vendettas and agendas are of NO interest at ALL to me except in how they throw light on the only thing that matters: WHAT HAPPENED.

Ladies and gentlemen of this list, please let me address you a moment. Consider the following quote:

If you thought massive government propaganda was the special preserve of communist countries, think again." -- William E. Simon former Secretary of the Treasury

I believe we can all (even Bill) agree that his debate -- along with TWA 800, Vince foster, et al.) is one of the most important of our time.

Does anyone here think that the "CIA" (I use the term to encompass those both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the Agency whose actions are coordinated towards common purpose) ... does anyone here NOT think that this "CIA" grouping, famous for its psyops, disinformation and propoganda, is NOT attempting to infiltrate and co-opt the Internet, the most important development towards the return to a free society in our lifetimes???

In fact, wouldn't the REAL shock be if we were to find out that the "CIA" WASN'T trying to influence/control/confuse/divide this debate?

I mean, christ, what we're debating here happened TEN YEARS AGO ... and we're only now gettting a clue! Imagine what's going on RIGHT NOW that it will take us ten years MORE to glean an inkling of?? (whoops! Ended a sentence with a preposition. fuck it.)

Think about it next time you read a post from jqp or BB, who together have posted over 10,000 times (by deja vu's count) to the places devoted to what falls under the rubric of the "Clinton Scandals."

Now: I'm NOT saying BB is a paid disinformationist. Maybe he just ASPIRES to be one. Or ... maybe not. But only an idiot would not give these matters consideration. Sorry if that offends you Bear, But that's the way it IS. I had nothing to do with creating the baggage that you bring to this debate.

Then think about this: these people, (speaking in general now) as we have all seen from COUNTLESS recent examples in just the past YEAR or two, are utterly ruthless. They act with impunity. They stop at nothing.

As a citizen/investigator completing my "Secret Heartbeat of America" project, I have felt more than a little concern for MY safety lately. Its a nagging worry, I hope an unnecessary one, but there nonetheless.


What I've done: passed on the evidence I've accumulated to some of those involved in this fight. Though, if you think about it, aren't we ASSURED that at least one of "us" (again I use the term loosely to denote those vocally against continued government involvement on the drug trade) would be a plant?

I'm too old to be naive. So, I've also placed the information I have gathered on 20 servers, located around the world. (Believe it.)

I'm NOT gonna walk around scared.

AND I'm asking you all to save this message. Because YOU, my anonymous brothers and sisters, are the only thing keeping people like ME from having unfortunate <accidents.>

If you don't hear from me regularly until this is done, call my office. 714.548.4412 or my home 714.645.9139

If there's no answer, scream bloody fucking murder.

Also: IF my book/video DO come out, and the stuff in it doesn't QUITE jibe with the tone of my posts, rest assured in your notion that something smells fishy. I ain't no saint, and have no intention of turning down the offer if someone says: take this money and shut up or we'll shoot your dog and make you eat him. (Eeeew!)

Now I don't have a dog. But still. Billy Bob himself explained it to me once, in a conversation on the phone. Ruthless drug cartels operate (almost) everywhere because they'll go to a judge in Columbia, say, and offer him a choice.

Gold or lead.

I hope this is all over-dramatic on my part. But I'm glad I'm giving voice to these thoughts. Because THERE IS SAFETY IN NUMBERS.

I've come to believe that that is the ONLY safety and protection that we have.


daniel hopsicker

"There is always one more son of a bitch than you counted on."

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