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Subject: Re: ! "Crack" plague in USA is CIA created!
From: "Gregg Burton" <>
Date: 29 Aug 1996

In response to some of the 'crack' theories that have been proposed here I have to say that the information presented that lends credibility to the CIA taking part in such actions is shady at best. What is very possible is that someone within the CIA misused their power, funding, and directives. Common corruption. This is not, as nearly all posts on this thread have tried to proclaim, a reason to abolish the CIA as one extreme reply stated, nor even to claim widespread corruption within the CIA. The CIA performs a vital function for our nation. It is the incidents like this that lead people to make such sweeping generalities about the institution as a whole, which are nearly entirely overstated. I am sorry, last time I checked we did not have a "perfect person" detector for government hiring. People get hired in beureaucracies that are corrupt, or that become corrupt. We have to stop and look at the cost vs. benefits of such things. The CIA provides vital information on the status of other nations in such areas as science, technology, industry, economics, military and many more. Not to mention monitoring and tracking terrorist and other extremist groups. The few activities that they overstep their bounds or that are illegal are very rare and almost always conducted by an elite group, not with authorization by the CIA itself. Look for the real offender, truth is very rarely found on the surface.

Subject: Re: ! "Crack" plague in USA is CIA created!
From: Jim Galasyn <>
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 1996

Gregg Burton wrote:

>In response to some of the 'crack' theories that have been proposed here I
>have to say that the information presented that lends credibility to the
>CIA taking part in such actions is shady at best...The few
>activities that they overstep their bounds or that are illegal are very
>rare and almost always conducted by an elite group, not with authorization
>by the CIA itself. Look for the real offender, truth is very rarely found
>on the surface.

A comforting opinion, but one that turns out not to be well-supported. The CIA, from its inception, has had an institutional fascination with organized crime. From the OSS days of Wild Bill Donovan and 'Lucky' Luciano to the creation of fake unions in Latin America to modern guns-for-drugs deals, CIA has made a deliberate attempt to cultivate ties with mobsters and emulate their methods. In particular, CIA seems to have a weakness for narcotics and dictators. For those people who have been paying attention, the San Jose Mercury News revelations come as no surprise. Of the many, many well-documented studies, see:

Jim Galasyn

Subject: An interesting source for information
From: ElephanMan@The.Traveler (Elephant Man)
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 1996


Following URL is for an interesting Web site that has a LOT of CIA/NSA/FBI current conspiracy info. It always has an element of truth, but a disinformation factor is possible. The man's name is Orlin Grabbe, whom you may have heard of. He's ex-CIA, and has a lot of close contacts in and outside. He is a little strange at times, but keeps current, and has been one of the good guys for awhile now. Apparently he's a tightrope walker.


Subject: Re: An interesting source for information
From: (Lisa Pease)
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996

Elephant Man (ElephanMan@The.Traveler) wrote:

: Dave,

: Following URL is for an intersting Web site that has a LOT of
: CIA/NSA/FBI current conspiracy info. It always has element of truth.
: but a disinformation factor is possible. The man's name is
: Orlin Grabbe who you may have heard of. He's ex-CIA,and

Orlin Grabbe is "ex-CIA" (Like there IS such a thing)? Interesting.

-- Lisa Pease

"The only variable as salient and consistent as the CIA's presence in the 
contexts in which Oswald appeared is the Agency's alleged disinterest in 
monitoring him -- as a defector who might be returning to the United 
States as a Soviet spy, or as a pro-Castro activist who might be trying 
to infiltrate the AGency's anti-Castro network. The best explanation for 
all this is that the "dirty rumor" is true: Lee Harvey Oswald was a U.S. 
intelligence agent."
			--From Dr. Philip Melanson's book SPY SAGA
Check out the Real History Archives:

Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination:

Subject: EM Torture in America
From: (Alex Constantine)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996

Electromagnetic Torture & Nonconsentual Human Experimentation in America

Federally-sanctioned radio frequency (RF) assaults on human guinea-pigs began forty years ago in academic haunts of the "national security" establishment. The publicly-funded experiments, obscured by elaborate cover stories (including mental hospital studies, "ESP" experiments and "alien" abductions), have since become increasingly sophisticated. Subjects experience severe psychological and physical trauma. The culprits are protected....

The Pentagon and intelligence groups have made the development of highly advanced "nonlethal" weapons a priority. This means that a growing number of civilians will fall under the EM gun, and the development of RF military technology will make great strides at the expense of innocent lives.

Human Abductions and "Fabricated" Memories of Abuse

The stories aren't fabricated, and "aliens" are not accountable for the abductions. Memories of "aliens" are hypnotically induced, exactly as a stage magician leaves a suggestion under hypnopsis, a "screen" memory, that may be suppressed or recovered when the subject wakes up. The "aliens" implanted in the memories of abductees are a cover story for Nazi-style experimentation on humans.

>Cults are another front for the mind control activity of the
>intelligence groups. Like the "alien" abductors, much cult activity is
>smoothed over in the corporate press by the False Memory Syndrome
>Foundation, an organization crawling with CIA doctors waging a
>disinformation war against children with memories of cult mind control and
>abuse. Most make inflated incomes discrediting children, making them sound
>ridiculous in the courtroom. The "foundation" puts a great deal of spin on
>ritual abuse. They do this because ritual abuse is a cover story, a legacy
>of the mind control experiments conducted in the 1960s involving children.

- Alex Constantine
(From Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America,
to be released in the Spring of 1997.)

Subject: Re: EM Torture in America
From: Brian Zeiler <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996

Alex Constantine wrote:

> The stories aren't fabricated, and "aliens" are not accountable for the
> abductions. Memories of "aliens" are hypnotically induced, exactly as a
> stage magician leaves a suggestion under hypnopsis, a "screen" memory, that
> may be suppressed or recovered when the subject wakes up. The "aliens"
> implanted in the memories of abductees are a cover story for Nazi-style
> experimentation on humans.

That could almost be a valid hypothesis if it actually explained the observations, rather than dismissing observations that contradict it while emphasizing those which it explains. In other words, you're deliberately omitting the MANY cases of:

1) "Close encounters", such as visual contact, that did not result in "abduction" and only occured *once*.

2) Memories that were not hypnotically induced but were part of the conscious memory since they happened.

3) "Abduction" incidents that were hypnotically retrieved, but hypnosis was chosen only because of a conscious memory of a UFO sighting followed by "missing time".

4) People as in 1) above, but who did not even become subject to "experimentation".

You make it sound like these people have only hypnotically-induced memories, but have not seen a UFO right over their head in a conscious state (rather than hypnotically induced) prior to the experience. I'm not concluding that these are, indeed, "alien abductions", but your hypothesis does not seem to explain the body of observations very thoroughly.

-- Brian Zeiler

Subject: Re: San Jose Mercury News
From: (Lisa Pease)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996

The Punster ( wrote:

: 	Whether they're in colusion with the CIA or just plain scared
: of the CIA, most of the American press - and the broadcast media, too
: - has been completely silent about this story.
I asked a reporter recently why he thought this was so. Here was his response:

"... Part of the reason reporters don't want to discuss this is because it eventually leads back to the shameful role the press played int he 1980s when it aided the government in covering this thing up. Second, it's complicated and most reporters don't like things that take some thought. Third, it involves the black community, which most newspapers never cover unless there's a drive-by or a riot. "But, on the other hand, who needs 'em? This is a situation that's going to devleop from the ground up, not from the top down. Eventually, the media will come around. It's happening already."
-- Lisa Pease

"The only variable as salient and consistent as the CIA's presence in the 
contexts in which Oswald appeared is the Agency's alleged disinterest in 
monitoring him -- as a defector who might be returning to the United 
States as a Soviet spy, or as a pro-Castro activist who might be trying 
to infiltrate the AGency's anti-Castro network. The best explanation for 
all this is that the "dirty rumor" is true: Lee Harvey Oswald was a U.S. 
intelligence agent."
			--From Dr. Philip Melanson's book SPY SAGA

Check out the Real History Archives:
Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination:

Subject: Clinton stonewalling on JFK - 6 months and counting
From: (Lisa Pease)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996

[ Article crossposted from alt.conspiracy.jfk ]
[ Author was Gary Aguilar ]
[ Posted on 18 Sep 1996 07:00:40 GMT ]

The civilian-led Assassination Records Review Board has voted to release hundreds of documents from the FBI and the CIA concering the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The FBI and CIA have objected to the release of quite a few, and have appealed directly to the White House.

The law that established the ARRB stipulated that appeals to block the review board-approved document releases were to be acted upon by the White House within 30 days. The FBI's first appeal to Clinton was in March, and since then there have been many others.

It has been over 6 months now, and yet not a single appeal has been acted upon by the White House. Not one. Those who recall how intelligence agencies under scrutiny in the past dealt with uncomfortable inquiries easily recognize the trademark strategy: stonewall until the committee's term, or funds, or both, expire, then get back to business as usual. It doesn't hurt if the White House is lends a hand.

That this is not a partisan issue is crystal clear: Clinton appointed the ARRB panel members; he is a Democrat, and says he's a democrat; he also claims to admire John Kennedy. But maybe he can't help himself.

The FBI and CIA can play rough, as is evidenced by Aldrich's best-selling book, and Nosenko's "American" experience. One can't help but wonder if Clinton's inaction on FBI and CIA appeals in violation of the spirit and letter of the law he swore to uphold is intended to allow him to do something with his post-Presidency life other than defend against indictments and suits pertaining to Mena, FBI-files misuse, etc. If he goes along, will he get along?

We'll have to wait and see, but Kennedy students who thought Democrat Presidents are more devoted to the ideals of responsive government than are Republican may want to avert their gaze from "their" President. And Republicans who scoff at notions restricted JFK files hide a conspiracy might oblige with a plausible explanation for the continued multi-party stonewalling on an 'open-and-shut' 33 year old murder case.

The only heros here are the civilians on the Board who, despite the White House's scornful neglect, continue to diligently work in the true spirit of democracy.

Gary Aguilar, 9/16/96

Subject: Re: Clinton stonewalling on JFK - 6 months and counting
From: ElephanMan@The.Traveler (Elephant Man)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996

>The civilian-led Assassination Records Review Board has voted to
>release hundreds of documents from the FBI and the CIA concering the
>assassination of John F. Kennedy. The FBI and CIA have objected to the
>release of quite a few, and have appealed directly to the White House.

>[snip .. ]

>It has been over 6 months now, and yet not a single appeal has been
>acted upon by the White House. Not one. 

>[snip .. ]
Lisa, I read your post and admire your dedication to disclosing the truth about the Kennedy assassination conspiracies and their coverup. It is at widely known secret that Senator John Tower (along with a couple other Southern Senators), the Hunt brothers, Richard Nixon, several corporate presidents, anti-castro cubans and a few mob figures got together with some CIA/Naval Investigative Service agents and many others to put together the plan, executed it then covered it up. Many fine people gave their lives in those days for being at the wrong place at the wrong time (Dealy Plaza), or for being too persistent in uncovering the truth. Fortunately, that's behind us now.

What most people may not realize is that the Powers that pulled the assassination off effectively committed a coup d'etat. Ever since November 22, 1963 our country has been run by increasingly corrupt, evil and treasonous individuals, bent on destroying our freedoms and way of life.

You see, each president since JFK has been like the ventriloquist's dummy with the ventriloquists being the CIA/DEA/FBI/ATF (and their brothers in crime, the many Mafias out there), along with some of the extremely rich and truly powerful. The result of JFK's assassination has been that our country plunged into an era of modern, military/corporate facism. Clinton is just the latest in a long string of actors, clowns and dummies with stupid smiles on their wooden faces. What makes you think it's any different this time around?

Keep up the faith. Damn the conspirators to Hell (what few haven't been killed off). Some had been around until about the same time that Larry Flynnt launched a campaign to uncover the truth, and the Lee Harvey Oswald double (Richard Seymor) wound up dead in Mexico, and poor Larry had ex-CIA agents living at his house as 'security guards' pumping him full of a salad of drugs to screw his mind up. Then Larry, now stoned and seen publicly wearing an American flag as underwear is tried for the felony of 'disrepect of the U.S. flag'. Next thing you know, Larry's convicted for 10 years for this crime and confined to a top security U.S. Army prison hospital, a complete vegetable and no visitors allowed. Poor Larry.

Our only hope is that there is a revolution in this country, as happened in Eastern Europe, Russia, when average citizens broke in their Secret Police and KGB headquarters and found the files, the torture chambers and put the murderous bastards on trial for Crimes against Humanity.

The whole Militia movement is misunderstood in this respect. The Major TV Media (heavy CIA influence) is desperate to paint the Militias as bigots, nazis, or whatever. In reality, they are just average citizens that are so sick and tired of the corruption, the lies, the murders, the drugs. People like us.

Subject: Re: I want to know more!
From: (b)
Date: 18 Sep 1996

This is to the 14-year-old that wanted to know what to do to be well-prepared to join the CIA. If you have read about the CIA and are still interested, here is what I would suggest:

Join the Boy Scouts. Try and become an eagle scout. Make SURE you get into the Order of the Arrow. Join all the secret societies you can.

If you are Catholic or Mormon, good. But make sure you are a member of some religion. Become a choir boy.

Do surveillance on your friends. See if you can tap your older sister's phone. It's not hard, pick up a Soldier of Fortune magazine, they have the equipment in there. Learn all you can about how phone systems work.

Get good grades. Learn how to cheat. Be sophisticated. Don't just use cheat sheets, figure out some way to get the stuff into your watch, or something like that. Don't get caught.

Once you have your sister's phone tapped, use the information you get on her to blackmail her. For that matter, see if you can blackmail your parents. Maybe they smoked dope in the 60's or something.

Take up lockpicking. Learn how to pick locks, crack safes. Learn all you can about computer encryption techniques.

Take up an interest in guns. Get a rifleman merit badge. Learn how to conceal a gun. Be careful, don't shoot anyone. Take up reloading, learn about explosives

Find out all you can about drugs. Don't do drugs, but find out all you can about them. See if you can get a job in a hospital. Find out about knock-out drugs, anesthesias. Get all the First Aid Merit Badges you can. Join a local rescue group.

Be Secretive. Use coding techniques in your writing. Learn shorthand. Learn how to type. Learn computers. See if you can break into your school's computer system.

Take all the languages you can.

Keep good notes on your activities, and encrypt them. Build a special hidout in your walls. Learn how to repair sheetrock and match paint. See if you can get a summer job as an electrician or telephone repairman.

If you start dating women, don't respect them. See if you can seduce them and get them to do what you want them to. Read pornography.

Work on your body. Take up weightlifting. Read some of those magazines for male models. Learn how to dress up. Learn how to tie a tie right. Get a job as a salesman.

Well, good luck with your CIA career, (you're going to need it)!

From: Hans Bergstrom <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996

> Charles R. Smith wrote:
> >
> > Hackers nailed the CIA web page today, leaving obscene messages and
> > some interesting pictures.

> Does anyone know whether anyone has an archival copy of the hack??

> --
> John Pike
> Federation of American Scientists
>  Life on Mars            

You can find it at Hans Bergstr

From: Steve Brinich <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996
Charles R. Smith wrote:

> Hackers nailed the CIA web page today, leaving obscene messages and
> some interesting pictures.
> Hey, great computer security there folks!  DCIA Deutch would be proud
> of you.
In view of recent news, I would have expected the hackers to leave some satirical "ads" for cocaine wholesaling services. ;-)


Steve Brinich      If the government wants us
 PGP:89B992BBE67F7B2F64FDF2EA14374C3E           to respect the law     it should set a better example

Subject: Re: CIA incident
From: (cyberclay)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996

Linus Walleij <> wrote:

>My homepage was one of these linked on the hacked CIA webspace. God knows
>I don't appreciate this attention - I don't want guys wearing kevlar
>trenchcoats, black sunglasses and mini-uzis turning up at my door asking

>Two reporters with Sherlock Holmes ambitions at a Swedish newspaper called
>Svenska Dagbladet sort of "figured out" that as I was linked at the
>page, AND (listen to this) happened to be online when the intrusions were
>said to have taken place (midnight local time), I was probably guilty.
>This is absolute rubbish, but it doesn't matter in contemporary media
>discourse. They called around at my University causing me tons of trouble,
>and sort of hinted that I was involved in some suspect organization called
>"Triad" (which happens to be a group of Commodore C64-programmers I
>maintain a webpage for) and that this was an organization for hackers.

>Hackers indeed, but not the brand you'd be looking for in this case. I
>have put some material similar to this at the linked page in question.


>Linus Walleij
>with spiritual support by Katharina Blum

>(I don't usually read these newsgroups and in case you want to tell me
>something, better mail
You should just not talk to them. Assuming you live in the US, you can cite some ammendment that will protect you. The CIA hacked site was quite funny. Someday, the governments of the world will realise that the net is not controlled by them. They waited too long to get control, and now it is impossible. Thank GOD that they didn't take that oppertunity. If they did, the internet would crash. And burn. Companies like 2600 and l0pht might go out of buisness. The world would end.


Check out cyberclay's Hacked Inhabitants site.  There, you can find source code,
and other things that you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE.  IAll the things you need, 
including SunOS files, Linux and UNIX bugs, and a new sendmail bug that hasn't 
been patched yet.  Great resource for sysadmins, and h/p'ers alike.

Subject: Re: Hashish - Afghani Freedom Figher connection?
From: (Larry-Jennie)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996

L. Mark Finch writes:

>A great deal has been written about connections between cocaine and the
>covert U.S. funding of the Contras. Was the importation of hashish
>similarly used to fund the Afghani rebels?

Excerpt found at:

Interview with Alfred McCoy

November 9, 1991
by Paul DeRienzo


Let's take two more examples that bring it right up to the present. [First] the Afghan operation: from 1979 to the present, the CIA's largest operation anywhere in the world, was to support the Afghan resistance forces fighting the Soviet occupation in their country. The CIA worked through Pakistan military intelligence and worked with the Afghan guerilla groups who were close to Pakistan military intelligence.

In 1979 Pakistan had a small localized opium trade and produced no heroin whatsoever. Yet by 1981, according to U.S. Attorney General William French Smith, Pakistan had emerged as the world's leading supplier of heroin. It became the supplier of 60% of U.S. heroin supply and it captured a comparable section of the European market. In Pakistan itself the results were even more disastrous.

In 1979 Pakistan had no heroin addicts, in 1980 Pakistan had 5,000 heroin addicts, and by 1985, according to official Pakistan government statistics, Pakistan had 1.2 million heroin addicts, the largest heroin addict population in the world.

Who were the manufacturers? They were all either military factions connected with Pakistan intelligence, CIA allies, or Afghan resistance groups connected with the CIA and Pakistan intelligence. In May of 1990, ten years after this began, the Washington Post finally ran a front page story saying high U.S. officials admit that Gulbuddin Hekmatyar [leader of the Hezbi-i Islami guerilla group], and other leaders of the Afghan resistance are leading heroin manufacturers.

This had been known for years, reported in the Pakistan press, indeed in 1980 reported in McClean's magazine. In fact in 1980 a White House narcotics advisor, Dr. David Musto of Yale University, went on the record demanding that we not ally with Afghan guerilla groups that were involved in narcotics. His advice was ignored and he went public in an op-ed in the New York Times.

The CIA cocaine smuggling on behalf of the Contras
through Mena, Arkansas corrupted the Presidencies 
of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Ronald Reagan.
For details, see:

Subject: Re: Hashish - Afghani Freedom Figher connection?
From: ElephanMan@The.Traveler (Elephant Man)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 (L. Mark Finch) wrote:

A great deal has been written about connections between cocaine and
the covert U.S. funding of the Contras. Was the importation of hashish
similarly used to fund the Afghani rebels?
DEA, and to a large extent CIA's major role is to use drug imports into the U.S. to:

Finance and Motivate a killer-elite to suppress freedom in America thru control of the media, assassinations, harrassment. (Yes, the U.S. has death-squads operating within our shores.)

Pay off U.S. representatives who operate in the political theater.

Pay off foreign leaders who carry out U.S. covert agenda, which often directly contrasts U.S. official agenda.

Buy resources to carry out other 'Black Operations'.

To eliminate its competition.

In other words, plenty of reasons to charge the responsible individuals with treason and war crimes.

Let's start with Oliver North and George Bush!

Subject: Re: Factbook on Intelligence...
From: (Allen Thomson)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996

In article <523o7m$> (Kats1sMeow) writes:

>To whom it may concern, 
>I would like to ask if anyone knows if the public has access to the CIA's
>Factbook on Intelligence. If the public does have the access to the book
>(volumes of it) how would one go about obtaining it? I know there are
>exerts from it at the CIA website, but what about the whole book and any
>volumes it may have?
Call up the CIA public affairs office at 703-482-7778 and ask them to mail you a copy. It isn't very big and the most useful thing in it is the CIA organization diagram, but it's pretty and, even better, free.

A more meaty publication, non-free, is the CIA's "A Consumer's Guide to Intelligence" which can be obtained from the National Technical Information Service, 703-487-4650.

Subject: Re: Factbook on Intelligence...
From: Harry Sweeney <>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996

You can also get older copies of the CIA factbook on CD for Mac or PC from Wayzata (splg?). I have a copy lying around here somewhere, but after the first boring perusal, it lies with the Time-Life Almanac of useless revisionist history. It is chiefly demographic in nature, not involving anything you probably care about.

Subject: Something I learned about being an American
From: BurningMan@The.Door (The Burning Man)
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996

In May, 1972, I was a young Navy Petty Officer assigned temporary duty to a guided missile cruiser. This boat (which I will not name) was part of a task force sent to mine Haiphong Harbor to bottle-up the North Vietnamese fleet.

As a Russian interpretor on this ship one of my responsibilities was to tell Soviet ships to stand down and to avoid the area of conflict.

During the course of combat we learned that there were two ships in the harbor that were to not be engaged. This order came from the very highest level. I found out that the two ships were Exxon oil tankers delivering oil to the North Vietnamese in Haiphong, (port for the city of Hano). I never learned further details as to what two U.S. oil tankers were doing delivering oil to the enemy.

One of my buddies, Mike, was later sent back to Vietnam to work with the CIA. We lost touch for awhile, then I began receiving letters. He told me of drug smuggling operations in which any Vietnamese that tried to get in the way of the CIA taking over the Heroin business were assassinated as part of the Phoenix program. He knew how much Heroin was getting into the U.S. and he told me he was having nightmares over the killings and the huge quantities of drugs being handled. He was afraid of the people involved as well.

In the last letter I received he told me he was going just walk away from it all and go home, whatever it took.

The next thing I heard about him was more than a year later when I was in college. I called Mike's parents back in Ohio, thinking he was out by now too. His mother told me matter of factly that Mike had been killed in action one year earlier, and that there were no remains sent back. She hesitated to tell me more, then after I told her about his last letter, she said 'they killed him'. I asked who 'they' were, and she said 'those people he was working for over there'.

I learned a lot more in my sensitive position in the Navy, but will reveal none of it here. What I will say is that there is a layer of 'government' which operates totally independently of election politics, of oversight, of accountability. This 'shadow government' is the one that gets the real work done. There are many, many, many intelligence agencies operating both within and outside official sanction. Spying on average Americans is very widespread. Very common. These agents get a lot of cooperation from local law enforcement. It's almost like they are heroes to the local law enforcement. Hits are common.

Here's one scenario. You are a journalist working on some obscure expose, and driving home late one night from work, you are pulled over in a quiet, dark area by an unmarked or even a marked police car. Two men, flashing badges one on each side of the car, ask for your license and registration.

The man on the passenger side opens the door while the victim is opening his glove box, then shoots him in the right rear of the head, just below and behind the ear. The gun is silenced, so no one hears or sees anything. The two throw some cocaine residue around, then they just drive away.

(I won't mention which city this technique is popular in.)

Killling of an American citizen for 'security' reasons is done on a case-by-case basis, wherever necessary. Since the ones carrying this out are contractors, they (usually) cannot be traced back to any government agency.

The hite are performed by professionals that are so good at their trade that many times no one even suspects the victims were murdered.

Other times, the murders are done to make it look like 1) A gang killing 2) Drug related 3) Revenge 4) Random violence. Our government hires these types because they are not only good at killing, but really like doing it as well. Sometimes they are recruited out of the prisons, but more often they are found from the batteries of pysch tests done in the military. Certain characterictics are matched for specific jobs. Some are simply turned into near zombies, by using drugs, hypnosis, fear-hate conditioning, etc., to perform random violence, serial killings, bombings, etc.. The purpose for creating these types, I'm not really certain about.

Most Americans never suspect anything unusual when people turn up as headless torso's without hands or feet in dumpsters. Sometimes is extremely obvious that it was a hit, and in that case it's set up to be blamed on 'organized crime' or gangs. People are so accustomed to violence that they don't even take notice of it any more anyway.

I remember in '73 when there were Navy guys all over the place in Chile to help Pinchet (our good ally) get his death squads organized and effective, after he assassinated Salvador Allende, President of Chile. Navy was feeding Pinochet intelligence he needed, and provided the technical hardware and know-how he needed as well. The Ambassaor from Chile to the U.S. (appointed by Allende), named Lettelier, was killed in broad daylight in center of Washington, D.C.

And the beat went on. In the 80's, there were so many death squads running around in the U.S. and in Central America, that even Ollie North was confused about who was doing who. Just ask Bill Colby or Bill Casey.

While in the Navy, I had a chance to work with one of the guys who was on the U.S.S. Pueblo. He used to tell me stories about the how North Koreans massaged his feet and head with 2 x 4's to help put him to sleep at night. He was one tough son of a bitch!. After awhile, he told me other, more interesting things, like when he was sent from Washington, D.C. to work in Dallas in November, 1963 to run an encrypted communications system. He knew a lot about xxxdidxxxxxtowexxx. Good job Mr. Bush, helping to take care of the 'Kennedy problem'. Let's just say I didn't feel guilty about not voting for you in 1992, or for that sponge-brained clown in 1980. Ronald played a major role in the coverup of Robert's K.'s assassination in 1978, when he was governor.

The actual gunman (a Mr. Cesar, later killed by CIA in Tiajuana), fired the fatal shot into the senator's head. Mr. Cesar was the security guard walking right behind Robert in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel. Seems he was hired at the last minute as a replacement guard. Who requested that switch? OK, another one for the old Gipper!

Ronald used the power of his office to cause the L.A. police to quickly 'lose' most of the evidence). They were so proud of you Ronald that they decided to make you president! They were even more proud of you after you took the gullible American public for $3 Trillion to help your friends out in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

They were proud of you when you stole Carter's debate book (actually Casey took it), to help you win that critical debate. They were proud of you when you supported the death squads in Central America, and murdered innocent villagers in Nicarauga, and smugged many tons of cocaine into the U.S. There were proud of you when you made the deal with Iran to keep from releasing the hostages until after you got into office. They were proud of you when you had your allies in the CIA (read Casey) to get the aircraft on the U.S.S. Eisenhower sabotaged so their engines would fail, and the hostage rescue mission would crash into the desert.

OK. So what time is it? It's 1996 and people the government is targeting for elimination are still dying out there. Some things have changed. Condom training in public schools. Open homosexuality. Paranoia (fear without basis). No one trusts anyone. All those who could rise up against the Police State we now live in, have been vilified and weakened. The CIA used LSD on the Whites, and heroin on the Blacks in the 60's. Then it was cheap crack cocaine and uzi's to destroy the inner cities. They've beaten down the Militias now, and have them cowering in the shadows, thanks to the government provocateur bombing in Oklahoma City, the media, the lies and the recent laws being passed to emasculate them.

There is no difference in reality between Republicans and Democrats. There's an agenda to advance, and that's ALL. The same Fascists that killed my friend Mike are still out there, getting stonger every day. The federal government, composed mostly of people that no one elected, have succeeded in identifying virtually every American who has bought a hand gun or semi-auto rifle.They also know who's bought mail order hi-capacity magazines, ammunition, accessories. At least one of these firms is a not-so-secret CIA proprietary, that sells kevlar vests, armor piercing ammo, night vision, class III firearms, ammo, accessories. And all that information eventually ends up in Washington. How many other CIA proprietaries are there doing this?

Gun confiscation is an absolute certainty in Clinton's next term. There is no doubt about this, except the when and how. Terror acts (to be perpetrated and carried out by the CIA/FBI/ATF/?) will almost certainly cause panic and public outrage against the Militias. Clinton will hear their indignant cries for national gun confiscation and be only too happy to oblige.

This is just the beginning. Outta here.

Subject: LaRouche on George Bush, cocaine kingpin
From: (MrRaro9)
Date: 3 Oct 1996

- How George Bush Became -
- the U.S.'s Leading Drugs- and Weapons-Trafficker -

Q: I want to come back to George Bush. I find this remarkable, and I'm sure that our audience finds it remarkable as well. Here you have published a report which shows George Bush involved in the creation of the crack epidemic in the United States. And, in the first part we discussed not only this, but, George Bush's involvement in the Palme assassination.

Help our audience to understand how all of this fits together.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, George Bush is not a very important person, in terms of anything in himself. His importance lies entirely in the fact that he is the son of Prescott Bush, or one of the sons of Prescott Bush.

Now, Prescott Bush, in turn, like George, for most of his adult life, was a protege of a British agent -- that is, an agent of the British monarchy -- called Averell Harriman. Averell Harriman was a second-generation agent of the British monarchy, and also a very powerful figure in U.S. economic as well as political life. He was the controller of President Truman, for example. He had strong influence, for the bad, in the Kennedy administration, along with the now recently deceased McGeorge Bundy.

So, Bush is a member of a family. He's sort of the runt of the litter of the Prescott Bush family. And he has been used like a dog. You send a dog out to bark at the neighbors, or something, or bark at somebody you don't like. And, George Bush has always carried out the orders of his family, or of his patrons. And, because of that, even though he could never make a nickel in business on his own -- everything was given to him by his family, like his Uncle Herbert Walker, who used to come in with a bailout of money, to keep George from going bankrupt or being a failure in Texas in the oil business, or something. That kind of thing.

And, George was never a success at anything. He couldn't get elected to anything. He had a district they fixed for him.

[commercial break]

Q: Mr. LaRouche, we were discussing George Bush and some of these breaking developments.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, as a result of George's role -- or I should say, qualify what I'm saying: He was never able to become elected to office, except through a fixed arrangement. For example, his Congressional election, his two terms in the Congress, were arranged for him through the family. They fixed it. He failed in each attempt to run for the Senate from Texas, and then he was given a number of jobs in Washington, during the period of the Nixon and Ford administrations, largely through Henry Kissinger. For example, his appointment in the Republican Party, his appointment to China, as a special representative there, his appointment to the United Nations as ambassador, his appointment to the CIA, were chiefly Kissinger appointments. Kissinger gave the poor dog a job.

But, George's characteristic is that he had a fascination with muscle. He's a very nasty person, and, on the muscle side of the intelligence community, even though he was briefly stuck onto the CIA by Kissinger as an attachment, he never really was very significant for the CIA properly. He's not a man of intelligence, shall we say; but he's a man of muscle.

There's a special part of the National Security apparatus, which is tied under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, though it's run under the National Security Act. It's in the J-3 section, logistics, or Special Warfare, or Special Operations, is where it's buried. The operation was created under Dulles. And, this is where a combination of private and official groups meet and run special operations under cover. It's a location of part of the so-called "secret government" of the United States, which includes private organizations, and is buried generally under the heading of "foreign intelligence." That's where George's connections are.

When people generally say "This is CIA," they don't know really what they're talking about. It's this Focal Point under the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And, you know who was in the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time that George was doing this kind of stuff, eh? It was under those Chiefs of Staff that this occurred.

Now, George was given, in 82-83, a series of special appointments which came out of this Reagan signing of an Executive Order, or series of Executive Orders, highlighted by one, Executive Order 12333, which authorized the setting-up of these private armies, under private cover, as mercenaries, but under the direction of the Vice President of the United States, George Bush, and these were under National Security Directives #3 and 2.

And, in addition to that, George, of course, was the offshore war on drugs czar, which meant that George could run the international weapons- and drug-trafficking, and could protect the drug-traffickers who were putting drugs into the streets of the United States, flying them across the borders, because {he} controlled the key to the door which let the drug-traffickers fly the stuff in. And, that's how it worked.

So, George became involved with the British, largely, using British capabilities and, to some degree, the right-wing Israeli capabilities, who were running these military industries operation, running weapons all over the place. And, as a result of that, George Bush was the man on watch, with Don Gregg as his subordinate and Ollie North as the secretary of the so-called Enterprise working under George. And, the papers show that George was fully witting at all times, that his operations were running drugs into the United States, to finance the Contra and related operations, and, also, to get some money into the hands of a lot of these little piglet groups which were set up under George's direction.

George was involved with the British, heavily, in the Middle East arms traffic, the Iraq-Iran war, the Afghanistan operations through Pakistan, the Dirty Bofors and other operations into India, and so forth and so on. And, there were a lot of murders in that. A lot of the murders were done simply to cover up for George, of someone who might be forced to give testimony, who might open up a chain of investigation leading back to George -- suddenly they'd die, be killed.

Or you had, for example, Pan Am 103. There was a great danger to George Bush on that plane. The closest associate of Palme, who was killed on behalf of the international weapons-trafficking crowd, of which George was part at the time: this guy was on the plane. And, when that plane went down over Scotland, with a bomb in it, George Bush was saved a lot of trouble. When Uwe Barschel was murdered in a Swiss hotel, George Bush was saved a lot of trouble, and so forth and so on. When certain people, like Bermudez, died in a bomb explosion back in Nicaragua, George Bush was saved a lot of trouble.

So, it should not be exaggerated: George Bush is not an evil genius. But, he's tied to this.

Q: He's right in the middle of it!

[commercial break]

- 'Name the Names of the Real Culprits'! -

Q: Senator Boren, during Iran-Contra, spoke of this secret government that you just mentioned. I guess this is George Bush's secret government. Anything further on this?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Yes. Well, people make mistakes, as in the case of this crack cocaine business, of assuming that somehow the CIA is the "evil genius" that runs everything. Now, the CIA is not necessarily a nice organization, but it is a bunch of government bureaucrats who are primarily concerned about covering their posteriors for their appointments, their promotions, and their pensions. And, they don't do things unless they're covered by orders. They don't do things which the Congress, particularly these days, which the Congress might spank them for, because they're concerned about their budget.

What happens, then, is when a dirty operation has to be run, as was in the case of this Iran-Contra operation, the job will be taken out of the hands of the CIA, even though you may have CIA people {detached} from the CIA ranks as political officers on some special operation. The CIA will {know} something about this drug-running by the Bush crowd, but they won't say anything. They'll cover up for it. So, a CIA {cover-up} of what Bush was doing with running drugs, is quite feasible. But, in this case, it was not the CIA that ran the drug-running operation. It was George Bush.

The fact of the matter is that the CIA doesn't shoot back, generally. It may have done that under Dulles. But, it doesn't shoot back. George Bush does. So, people who want to cover up for George Bush, will {insist} on going after the CIA. And, I don't object to that because the CIA is not a -- shall we say, a virtuous organization. I would never accuse it of that. But, in the case where it's {not} the culprit, to blame the CIA as a way of covering up for George Bush, that has a bad smell.

And thus, we have to recognize that the way these problems work, and particularly the way it works with the British, when we do these things with the British, which is the dirtiest things we generally do, is that the problem here, as in the case of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, is not corruption {in} the government, as much as it is corruption {of} the government, by a wealthy group of families, powerful families. Not only U.S. families, but internationally. They control our government; or they will control elements of our government, such as the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. The permanent bureaucracy there is totally controlled by a Wall Street/London crowd, and has been for a long time. That's the corruption.

So, if you want to get at the corruption, you have to say, "Where's it coming from?" The State Department has the same kind of corruption. The Agriculture Department, the foreign operations division of the Agriculture Department, {is totally corrupt.} Elements of the Treasury Department: totally corrupt. Elements of the justice system, that is, the judiciary, are totally corrupt. You have judges who are rotten judges, who are owned by evil things outside of government. And they, through an Old Boy network, run these kinds of things.

We have to really understand what the problems are with our government, and not assume that the CIA is the source of the problem. The source of the problem is the kind of families which were behind George Bush.

Or, for example, let's take the case of Roy Cohn, a similar case. Roy Cohn -- yes, he was tied to J. Edgar Hoover. Very close to J. Edgar Hoover. But J. Edgar Hoover, in turn, was working with the Dulles brothers, even though there were intermural rivalries over some intelligence operations there. You had the Dulles brothers, Tom Dewey, Roy Cohn -- it's all the same thing. And, this was tied to foreign operations. This was what was involved in both running the Warren Commission, and, also, involved corporately with the organization which targetted the President for assassination, British intelligence-based operation operating out of Canada, the same operation which was actively engaged in attempting to assassinate President de Gaulle of France.

We have that kind of problem in our country. We have to get rid of that kind of problem. And, this nitpicking of going out and saying "The CIA did it!" is too simplistic, and, in this case, the recent case of the secret government, is wrong.

George Bush, with the special powers and that whole group of people rallied around him, and the hard core of the International Republican Institute, for example -- this is a treasonous operation. And, we need people who have the guts to {name the names of the real culprits,} and not go around with this romantic thing which every fool on the street thinks is great music: "Oh, the CIA did it!" The CIA does dirty things, but that's not the problem.


Subject: CIA Past and Present
From: Ralph McGehee <>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996

This is a re-work of an earlier post which contains more information on up-to-date events.

As a measure of the current state of the CIA we note that the Director, John Deutch, calls for more and larger covert operations (while a surrogate CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy, runs operations in ninety countries -- which have generated complaints and counter-actions from numerous countries). Deutch appoints David "Blow With the Wind" Cohen to the extremely important job as Director of Operations. The Chief of Division for Middle East Operations, Steve Richter, is censured for failing to keep senior management informed (and for failing in Iraq), while the Chief of Station in Iraq, "Bob," proves to be the typical Agency gung-ho Cold Warrior. All of those factors predict further disasters for the United States.

In response to an earlier thoughtful posting re "The Failure of Intelligence," which uses the Vietnam War as a prime example to defend the CIA, I must comment. I served in the CIA from 1952 until 1977. From 1967 on I protested within the CIA about its flawed reporting on Viet Cong strengths with my first protests aimed at defending U.S. policy on the war. I soon discovered that the Agency could not or would not recognize the nature of this "People's War, People's Army." Its intelligence had little to do with reality.

I protested this terribly flawed reporting during a tour in Vietnam, and later at CIA Headquarters. In a Headquarters assignment I saw highly classified reporting from around the world and soon realized that supporting policy with intelligence was a common if not universal practice. I continued my protests by complaining to the Inspector General, Gordon Stewart; the Executive Director Comptroller, William Colby; and, other Agency authorities. I also wrote numerous memos to the Chief of the East Asia Division -- Theodore Shackley; and, composed a study on Asian revolutions.

All these experiences taught me the CIA is a policy-implementing Agency that uses its intelligence to sell and defend its operations. Its personnel are recruited for attributes that will not clash with this goal.

In disgust, I opted for early retirement and spent the next five years writing a book about what happened. Inter alia, I poured over all three editions of "The Pentagon Papers," and the numerous intelligence and policy directives in those eighteen volumes.

Clearing the manuscript through the CIA took two years with the CIA fighting it every step of the way -- insisting on about 400 deletions running in length from a few words to a complete chapter. Clearing the manuscript through the CIA's Publication Review Board showed that by citing published information, I could use citations to already published material to defeat claims of secrecy and retain much material. (Bill Casey at the final stage tried to "re-classify" all previously published information about the CIA averring that the material had been released by mistake. I went on a PR and legal effort and his move died aborting).

The realization that published information could be used to expose CIA operations plus the hard-to-find, scattered, and fragmented nature of the then extremely limited data, was the germ of the idea for my data base.

Another reason for building the data base was that the CIA has always been one of the least responsive to FOIA requests. They currently are withholding from historians working for the State Department on the "Foreign Policy of the United States," series that began in the eighteenth century, details of its operations of the 1950s. One scholar said the CIA's position on this amounts to "fraud." This in the face of numerous claims by Agency officials that they are now more open and cooperative.

To depict the extent the CIA through its "intelligence" and propaganda paints an illusion to justify its operations, below I include brief items on the true nature of the South Vietnamese enemy forces. When reading this, consider how the Agency now writes "intelligence" when in the process of overthrowing governments.

Ralph McGehee

National Liberation Front

Former President Dwight Eisenhower in his book, "Mandate for Change," said "I have never talked or corresponded with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs who did not agree that had elections been held at the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader..."

Vietnam, 54-75 The U.S. Viewed the NLF order of battle in terms of certain number of soldiers and weapons not a mass revolutionary movement - and consistently underestimated number of troops and money needed to defeat the enemy. American specialists like Lansdale, Trager and Pike never [understood] that hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese peasants would fight and die willingly, for a cause beyond themselves. Senator Gravel edition, (1971). Pentagon papers Volume V 205-6

56-62 Viet Cong organization of population proceeded hamlet by hamlet, incorporating ever-larger numbers into associations of peasants [farmers], women, youth. Such village organizations meant reduced rent, distribution of free land, freedom from both corvee labor and conscription into army, protection from extortion and brutality of appointed village chiefs, security police or army. Robert Samsom of U.S. Mission found "the Viet Cong land reform program possessed the universality and mass appeal that the Diem reform lacked." Guerrillas saw themselves "as the legitimate rulers of an independent Vietnam." On 12/20/60, at a secret base near Saigon, National Front for Liberation of South Vietnam was announced. NLF best described as a coalition led by party members but held together by a common program. Front committees were established in thousands of villages. In 2/61, PLAF formally organized. Southern and central branches of Lao Dong Party merged into central committee directorate for the south which U.S. Called COSVN. 75% of villagers supported front, 20% trying to remain neutral, and 5% firmly pro-gvt. By 10/61, front so successful that gvt troops could not drive more than a few kilometers outside of any given provincial capital without running into sniper fire. M. Young. The Vietnam Wars 1945-1990 pages 67-73.

60-75 Front was creation in early 60 of association of Ex-resistance members, formed by those who had survived the diemist Exterminations. Later developed into people's revolutionary party. About in 60 a number of other organizations created - peasants associations, Workers, associations, and others representing youth, women, students, Writers, etc. Front's order of battle three types: self-defense Guerrillas - local village units usually peasants by day and guerrillas at Night; regional troops on a more permanent basis - job to deal with enemy Forces in their region; regular army to deal with enemy's mobile reserves And to carry out military ops. At the beginning of 64 NLFSVN claimed control of two thirds of territory and over half of the population. It is government in everything but name with committees of Military affairs, external affairs, public health, culture, info and Education. Women's Liberation Association one of mass orgs Affiliated with NLF...within which virtually everyone from children to old people in liberated areas could make a contribution to struggle. Burchett, W. (1965). Vietnam: Inside Story of the Guerrilla War 265

Vietnam, 45-75 The U.S.'s leading wartime writer/scholar on the Vietcong, Douglas Pike, said that the liberation associations of the Vietcong were villagers molded into tight-knit, self-controlled, self-contained associations. Mao tse-tung of China and Vo Nguyen Giap called Liberation Associations the initial phase and the sine qua non of their revolutions. In 63, the Vietcong announced that seven million south Vietnamese (generally rural civilians) had joined these associations. Pike's article avoids numbers but those massive figures were the intel community's most sacrosanct secret or most egregious failure. If CIA had known and/or reported the 7,000,000 person-strong association structure -- it would have invalidated all U.S. justifications for the war; liberation association members and their dedication, caused our defeat in Vietnam. Victory was never a possibility. Ciabase 1/95

Vietnam, 67 The order-of-battle fight of Sam Adams and the CIA's sacrificing its integrity on the altar of public relations and political expediency. Macv excluded village self-defense forces from Vietcong yet SDF were hardened guerrillas who responsible for 40% U.S. Casualties. Pike Committee investigation concluded juggling figures "created false perceptions of enemy of U.S. Forces...pressure from policymaking officials [caused] erroneous assessments..." Valentine, d. (1990). The Phoenix Program 273-4

Vietnam, 68 Chief cause of intel failure re vn was degraded image of enemy. Second, pressure from policy-makers reinforced erroneous assessments of allied progress and enemy capabilities. Mission restriction curtailed necessary collection activity by intel officers and forced reliance on officers with military responsibility. House of Representatives Pike Committee report.

Vietnam, 54 U.S. Subversion of Geneva agreements began immediately. Colonel Lansdale was already in Vietnam. His original mission, to by-pass French and to work with Vietnamese in unconventional war. Now he redirected to "paramilitary ops in communist areas." U.S. imported one million catholic Vietnamese from north that were a resource for Ngo Dinh Diem. Lansdale's rumors re U.S. use of nuclear weapons in Vietnam. Young, m. (1991). The Vietnam Wars 1945-1990 page 45

U.S. Could not acknowledge Vietnam was one country and to ensure triumph of its creation, U.S. Sent over U.S. 400,000 combat troops to fight in Vietnam. None of this could be acknowledged without irreversible Damage to American rationale for intervention. M. Young. The Vietnam Wars 1945-1990 page 179

Military proceeded to misunderstand Vietnam. But in a sense this was necessary - to have acknowledged popular southern base of NLF, to have abandoned diem in favor of a coalition gvt, would have required a complete reversal of U.S. Policy. In may 1960, three U.S. Special forces Teams arrived in Vietnam to train Vietnamese special forces for counterinsurgency. U.S. counterinsurgency entirely focused on establishing control over the population. A U.S. Conference said Vietnamese "are willing to support whichever side is in momentary local control." Kennedy's ci experts viewed insurgency as result of a byproduct of disruptive process of modernization, where a small band of ruthless outside agitators were able to exploit poverty and confusion of a passive population through propaganda and intimidation to seize power on behalf of communism. Young, M. The Vietnam Wars 1945-1990 pages 74-7

Vietnam, 65 Liberation (NLF) forces by mid 65 had four-fifths of territory and 10 out of vn's 14 million population in liberated zones. There were 4,300 front "fortified villages" in SVN. Exact size of front's armed forces a secret but Dang Thang Chon, v.p. Of liberation youth federation said its youth org had 500,000 young members - this did not include those in the local Self-defense units but half who remained in villages expected to enlist in them. Burchett, W. (1965). Vietnam: Inside story of the Guerrilla War 84

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