Censorship in the United States

This is a huge topic. Here we only touch upon it. Americans know little about censorship in America partly because of censorship in America and partly because they mostly don't care to know.

Put briefly, the "official version" of reality in America is a product manufactured by the U.S. government and the U.S. mainstream media, and fed to a (to some extent) unsuspecting public which (mostly) consumes it uncritically (since most people "educated" in the U.S. have never been taught to think critically), thereby making things easier for the ruling elite (easier, that is, for them to pursue their plans for global domination and enslavement of all human beings on the Earth). The successful promulgation of the official version of reality requires the suppression (censorship) of alternative versions.

For an example of a critical assessment of one part of current U.S. official reality, and the defense of an alternative view (never discussed seriously in any government-controlled newspaper or magazine, even those, such as The Nation, which purport to be critical of U.S. government policies), see The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism.

Censorship in America works partly by ignoring whatever is inconsistent with the official story. For example, Michael Meacher, who was environment minister in the U.K. government from May 1997 to June 2003, published in The Guardian (UK) an article entitled "This War on Terrorism is Bogus". You'd think this would be of interest to many Americans, bombarded daily with messages from the Bush Administration about how nobly it is acting to defend Americans from those evil "terrorists" and their "Terror". But almost all Americans never had a chance to read Meacher's article because they never heard about it — it was totally ignored by the mainstream media in the US and in Canada (except for a brief mention in the Toronto Star). Readers of this website can read it here:

Michael Meacher: This War on Terrorism is Bogus

Censorship at Google

A comparison of search results from Google compared to search results from DuckDuckGo indicates that some pages on this website are being censored by Google. The pages searched for were chosen using Go to a Random Page on Serendipity and the search terms were those used in the title. Google's Advanced Search was used, asking Google Search for pages using all of the search terms, and in DuckDuckGo Safe Search: Off.

Title and search wordsGoogleDuckDuckGo
The Subconscious Burden of Atomic Weapons
subconscious burden atomic weapon
Not shown in 1st 20 result pagesPage 1, item 1
Is the U.S. a Terrorist State?
U.S. terrorist state
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Why Jared Israel Is Attacking Scott Ritter
And Deceiving The 9-11 Truth Movement

Why Jared Israel Attacking Scott Ritter
Deceiving 9-11 Truth Movement
Not shown in all 16 result pagesPage 1, item 4
Researches in Sinai by W. M. Flinders Petrie
researches sinai flinders petrie
Page 5, item 7Page 1, item 2

Censorship at YouTube

YouTube terminates Middle East Observer after almost 10 years online

After almost 10 years online, over 250 videos, almost 13,000 subscribers, and about 8 million total video views, YouTube has terminated the Middle East Observer (MEO) channel on its platform.  ... [We] believe that the termination of our channel today is a great blow to the coverage on YouTube of voices, news, and perspectives found on Arab and Islamic media that are rarely covered — or even purposefully silenced — by Western mainstream media. YouTube’s message today is clear: the production, uploading, and viewing of genuinely critical and alternative ideas and viewpoints is not welcome.

Rhisiart Gwilym comments:

It gets clearer that all US-based, or US-leaning, internet services are moving more and more towards censorship favouring the Anglozionist empire’s deceitful propaganda narratives, and they are suppressing any conflicting views and information. The best thing to do with YouTube, Wikipedia, FaecesBrook, Twitter, etc., is to boycott them completely and permanently. Use the alternatives that exist, unless they too show signs of going the same way.

YouTube Completely Removes The Ron Paul Institute's Channel Without Warning

As TechCrunch detailed Wednesday, "The Google-owned video platform had previously banned over 1 million videos spreading dangerous COVID-19 misinformation." The report continues, "Now, YouTube says it will also remove content that spreads misinformation about vaccine safety, the efficacy of vaccines and ingredients in vaccines."

Replace "dangerous COVID-19 misinformation" by "life-saving COVID-19 information" and "misinformation about vaccine safety" by "information about harmful effects of the ‘vaccine’" and you will have the truth.

OldNewB comments:

Big Tech is about pushing an agenda of totalitarianism, censorship, propaganda and control. Nothing more. This is the only way the left wins elections or succeeds on any of their corrupt and anti-American policies.

Censorship at Twitter

Twitter Blocks Account Of Julian Assange's Mother

While a user can access her page by agreeing to view her profile, Ms. Assange told Consortium News she is unable to post new Tweets to her account. ... In the past ten days, Ms. Assange tweeted direct replies to Hillary Clinton and John Bolton, the U.S. national security adviser. Bolton had tweeted on March 9: “US military should use #Wikileaks for cyber warfare target practice ...” Ms. Assange’s reply to Bolton is no longer visible under his tweet. Nine replies to Bolton are now “unavailable.” ... Twitter uses algorithms unknown to the public to remove, block, suspend or restrict accounts of its users. Like other social media companies, Twitter has come under intense U.S. congressional pressure to censor accounts deemed hostile to U.S. interests.

Twitter Suspends Science Writer After He Posts Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test

[A] former New York Times science reporter, Alex Berenson, has been suspended for simply citing the results from a clinical trial by Pfizer and raising questions over any vaccine mandate. ... Twitter is unwilling to let people read or discuss viewpoints that it disagrees with as a corporation. ... Berenson has been [suspended] ... due to his discussing dissenting views on the science surrounding Covid-19. His latest offense against Big Tech came when he posted the results published by Pfizer of its own clinical data. He claimed that the research showed little difference in mortality between those in the trial with a vaccine and those given a placebo. ... Twitter should not be enforcing one of the largest censorship programs in history. However, the silence of free speech supports, academics, and journalists to this hypocrisy is deafening.

Censorship at FaceBook

Facebook Bans Zero Hedge

[It is] possible that Facebook simply decided to no longer allow its users to share our content in retaliation for our extensive coverage of what some have dubbed the platform's "many problems", including chronic privacy violations, mass abandonment by younger users, its gross and ongoing misrepresentation of fake users, ironically — in retrospect — its systematic censorship and back door government cooperation (those are just links from the past few weeks).

Or perhaps because Zero Hedge informs its readers of news that the mainstream media routinely censors.

Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Says It Made A "Mistake"

[We] were humbled and delighted not only with the media coverage this event received, but far more so with the outpouring of support we received from readers and across social media ... Among those who spoke up were President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., Nigel Farage, Peter Thiel’s liberal foil at Thiel Capital, Eric Weinstein, Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson and many others.

And now Zero Hedge is banned in New Zealand and Australia:

After Blocking Zero Hedge And Others, NZ Telcos Demand Big-Tech Censorship Surge To "Protect Consumers"

And Twitter has again banned Zero Hedge, this time for publishing personal information about Dr Peng Zhou, a leading reseach scientist at a virus research institute in Wuhan, China — information which Zero Hedge obtained from Dr Peng's public bio page. More on this here.

Facebook bans all content on vaccine awareness,
including facts about vaccine ingredients,
vaccine injury and vaccine industry collusion

This week [2019-03-08], Facebook announced it would block all content on Facebook that questions the official dogma on vaccines, which falsely insists that vaccines have never harmed anyone (a hilarious lie), that vaccines contain only safe ingredients (a blatant deception) and that vaccines always work on everyone (another laughable lie).

Facebook is achieving this by labeling vaccine awareness information "misinformation" or "hoaxes." At the top of the list is the assertion that vaccines are linked to autism — something that even the CDC's own top whistleblower scientist reveals to be true, yet the vaccine industry claims it's all a hoax (in order to cover of the crimes of medical violence against children that are being committed by the vaccine pushers).

Notably, tech giants are now banning vaccine truth information by labeling it "misinformation" in exactly the same way they ban conservative content by labeling it "hate speech." They simply invent a false category to justify the ban, all while crushing the free speech of users (and ultimately leading to the vaccine maiming of millions of innocent children). Under this twisted system of speech policing, they can ban any content they don't like by simply labeling it "false" or "hateful," even if it's true and important.

Facebook to start putting users "probation"

In a post-election move, Facebook has started putting "problematic" groups in a form of "probation" where admins are required to manually approve posts by members. ... Groups put on probation will be closely monitored. Depending on how they handle the self-censorship, they will permanently be banned or the "probation" lifted after the lapse of the 60 days. ... This measure is one of the latest actions the social media company has taken in the past few days to curb the spread of accusations of election fraud.

Censorship at Voice of America

Voice of America, a federally supported international broadcasting organization, decided not to air a story that included parts of a rare interview with the leader of Afghanistan's ruling Taleban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, officials said.

The decision came after Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and senior National Security Council officials told the organization's governors that it would be tantamount to granting a platform to terrorists. The governors then told employees to kill the story.

The Taleban had offered the organization an opportunity to interview Mr. Omar, which was done before the governors' orders.

"I was stunned, absolutely stunned," said an agency journalist who asked not to be named. "It goes against every principle of journalistic ethics."

— "Taleban Interview Suppressed", International Herald Tribune, 2001-09-24, p.6.

Perhaps the governors should request an interview with Richard Armitage about his trafficking in heroin (on behalf of the CIA) with warlord Khun Sa in the Golden Triangle (see Bo Gritz Letter to George Bush). Listeners to VOA would no doubt find this very interesting, if they were permitted to hear it.

Censorship of UFO reports

... is the story of how elements of the U.S. government, using standard methods of censorship and propaganda, as well as covert ties to well-known news organizations, attempted to hide the existence and activities of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from the American public. ...

The author reviews the history of the UFO controversy for evidence of standard censorship methods and shows that, indeed, most of the same censorship techniques employed during other national crises have been applied to managing information about UFOs. This censorship, whether the result of a centrally orchestrated campaign or a remarkable series of coincidences, has made it possible for false and misleading information about UFOs to be foisted on the American public.

The Missing Times : News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up

A variety of censorship occurs when a "news" source claims to provide information about some subject but actually ignores the important information and presents instead disinformation. A good example of this is the ABC program on UFOs that was aired in March 2005. Read more about this in Dr Steven M. Greer's Peter Jennings Defrauding: Inside the ABC News UFO Documentary Hoax. This is basically the way the US mainstream media works: providing sophisticated (or blatant) disinfo to hide what is really the case.

Self-Censorship in authoritarian societies

One important insight is how hierarchical authoritarian social systems function. Top down directives and commands, especially if they carry the weight of threats of censorship and punishment serve to keep any dissent in check. There is a great deal of self-censorship operating in all institutions in the United States. It is also important to recognize the role of a shared ideology among the decision makers, or perhaps more specifically the role of what social psychologists, in studies of organizational behavior, call "groupthink." Groupthink is decision making characterized by uncritical acceptance of and conformity with the prevailing view. Thus, the will of a few key persons can be spread within and across government agencies.

September 11th And The Bush Administration

See also the book Into the Buzzsaw: "Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press"

Censorship of reports of torture

Military autopsy reports provide indisputable proof that detainees are being tortured to death while in US military custody. Yet the US corporate media are covering it with the seriousness of a garage sale for the local Baptist Church. ... Anthony Romero, Executive Director of ACLU stated, "There is no question that US interrogations have resulted in deaths." ACLU attorney Amrit Sing adds, "These documents [in the ACLU report] present irrefutable evidence that US operatives tortured detainees to death during interrogations." ... A Nexus-Lexus search November 30, 2005 of the major papers in the US using the word torture turned up over 1,000 stories in the last 30 days. None of these included the ACLU report as supporting documentation on the issue. — Peter Phillips, Hard Evidence of US Torturing Prisoners to Death Ignored by Corporate Media

Censorship of criticism of the American Diabetes Association

[Steven Cooksey's] website, Diabetes-warrior.net, features several nutritional recommendations as well as many pointed critiques about the ADAís policies. In a recent post, he rips the ADA and details how he maintained a steady blood sugar without following any of the agencyís guidelines. ... It was that unwavering disdain for the ADA that likely earned him the censor-happy attention of the organization. Earlier this year, Cooksey spoke out against an ADA supporter at a diabetes seminar and, if his website is any indication, itís not hard to imagine he probably didnít mince his words. Shortly after the event, though, he received a notice from the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition informing him that, because he was blogging about his positive experience with the Paleo diet and offering up advice to readers and acquaintances, he was illegally giving dietary advice without a proper license. — Drew Bowling, Censored Blogger: "People Need to Know the Truth"

A conspiracy of lies, manipulation and disinformation

At this time in history, it is incomprehensible how a nation can enjoy the benefit of the most sophisticated communications technology in world history and remain so uninformed ... or dumbed down. The policies being carried out by the US government that are destructive, both domestically and around the world, are being conducted under a veil of secrecy. The only possible way this dumbing down or control of information could occur is that it has been socially constructed. It is a conspiracy of lies, manipulation and disinformation which increasing numbers of Americans are aware of and should be calling it treason. — Leuren Morat, THE KISS OF DEATH — NUCLEAR WEAPONS STEALTH TAKEOVER

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