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Dates are written in the format yyyy-mm-dd, or yyyy-mm if the day is not known. CDs referred to in the list of arias are given in detail in the list of CDs.

This list is an extension of an earlier list by Scott Smith, to whom many thanks. Maria Callas also recorded many of the arias listed here as part of recordings of complete operas. These recordings are not included in this list.

A more complete discography is available at Greger Lindén's site and is also available here (60K).


Composers Callas pic
This photograph of Maria Callas as
La Traviata is by Houston Rogers.


Check the dates of the recording. Earlier is better than later. One does not go to Callas for beauty of vocalism. If you want pure ravishing sound, there are dozens of other recorded female singers who precede her ... Callas had an absolutely distinctive voice but not a conventionally pretty one. And whatever prettiness it had when she was very young didn't last long. ... In any event, her natural tremolo on the high notes became, circa 1957, a wide vibrato, and not long thereafter, a fearsome "wobble" ...  There are, however, many Callas recordings on which this is not a problem. Most (not all) of them are early, i.e. pre-1958. So look for the date of the original recording and be particularly wary of material recorded in the 1960s ... — George Birnbaum


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