Aspects of Treason
By John Kaminski

The latest in a long list of reasons why Bush and his friends should be in jail

Even the most hidebound defender of the rapacious policies of the United States of America would grudgingly agree that anyone — and especially its leader — who deliberately jeopardizes the security of the nation and its people should be removed from his position of responsibility and punished.

Of course, we have devolved to an era in which nationalities and sovereign states have become less important than brand names or trade agreements, in which betrayal of allegiance to one's country is less of a legal and personal hazard than acting against the interests of one's own company or corporation.

You likely can plea bargain your way out of selling state secrets, but you'll never work again if you sell your employer down the river (which is basically what happened between me and the newspaper business).

Thus we have the welfare of giant corporations taking precedence over the health of nations, as millions of families across the entire world suffer from the sadistic invasion of Iraq while certain favored business entities such as Halliburton and Dyncorp fatten up on the fresh blood of innocents.

Mostly this depraved development in human social engineering is nominally applauded and endorsed by those who profit from the graft that trickles down to them in their modest support roles of the Big Lie. But even the insincere hirelings who profit from this new demented Age of Homeland Security are missing an enormous and dangerous point.

By its needlessly bloody ineptitude in Iraq, America has been revealed as an incompetent, psychotic, and cowardly military force. The future of American citizens can be correctly predicted as the same as what we are doing to many thousands of Iraqi families at this precise moment in time.

And if treason is defined by giving aid and comfort to the enemy, then the Age of Homeland Security has caused irreparable damage to America's defenses against its real enemies (a category growing exponentially by the day).

The point was again illustrated over the Christmas holiday when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez visited China, cementing business deals for development of oil fields in the South Caribbean and almost certainly guaranteeing the deployment of Chinese military forces a mere thousand miles south of Miami.

Already scenarios of clashes over access to the Panama Canal are being written by those who seek to forecast future hostilities. And there can be no doubt that Washington's ham-handed attempts to restore Venezuela to its previous status of oppressive client-state servitude compelled the genuinely populist Chavez to seek new means of protection from the Wall Street predators who constantly threaten both his nation and his life.

But given the unjust and unfair behavior of the United States and its vigilante financial whores known as the International Monetary Fund, it is only a matter of time before the regions permanently defaced by war would creep closer to our own borders. It is only what we as rapacious, unfeeling, and perfidious Americans deserve. Chickens inevitably do come home to roost.

Therefore it is a matter of treason that Bush and his handlers, with their insincere prattling about terror threats, should have created a genuine war hazard from their many false pronouncements about terrorists that they have created as a pretext for accelerated profits for military contractors.

As the newspaper Pravda — and I, Michel Chossudovsky and many other commentators — have pointed out on numerous occasions, al-Qaeda may not exist except as a public relations creation of the CIA, but the monstrous conception of this fictional threat has led to the emergence of new real threats — the karma of self-deception is always self-destruction — all because the moral and logistical weaknesses of the U.S. military machine have been startlingly revealed by the disingenuous incompetence of the lying fools (Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, Rockefeller et al.) who devised the hoax (remember the World Trade Center?) in the first place.

In their ruse to create an incident that would rally the gullible American public to endorse their heartless war against the whole world, they failed to foresee that in their sorceror's apprentice utilization of murderous fraud would be revealed to the world the American hypocrisy — a monumental failure of sincerity and honesty that would engulf the whole population and convince them to either endorse or ignore the orgy of blood that the American intent has become.

And by that monumental lie, they would reveal to the world that America is a diseased menace ravaging the world, to be stopped at all costs by a coalition of those with the courage to stand up to tyranny, which, by the way, is forming as we speak — Russia, China, India and Brazil just signed a big trade deal.

To confront the Beast the USA has become — the realization is growing around the world.

These people didn't want to be our enemies, but we made them be, because it was good for business. Or so our leaders told us.

This is treason, and a tragedy of very likely unprecedented proportions.

And this is not a partisan political screed. Members of both parties are in the betrayal up to their eyeballs. In fact, the United States has no real opposition political party. Only one party now — the party of the banks.

And banks, who have bought all the politicians, owe no allegiance to any country, only to the bottom line. This in itself is treason, and it has been going on in the United States for longer than any of our lifetimes.

But the treasonous acts of the last few very recent years have quite likely destroyed the United States beyond repair.

Consider the list just since Bush the Pretzel Man has been in office (and no, this is not to let Clinton off the hook; he did his share, too).

There are possibly one hundred additional entries for this list. All of them involve actionable charges of treason.

But as you know, close to a majority of Americans supports George W. Bush, including 100 percent of American mainstream media, and pretty near 100 percent of elected national officeholders.

And this is perhaps the most frightening aspect of all these treasons, the widespread nature of it. Our trusted brothers have sold freedom down the river for a few bucks.

To cheer George Bush — or, for that matter, John Kerry — is to cheer the destruction of America and the poisoning and mass murder of the world's population.

And to all citizens in those categories — either for Bush or Kerry — perhaps you should now contemplate another aspect of treason to the principles upon which this country was founded and upon which your very own freedom depends.

This, of course, would be your own complicity in it.

John Kaminski ( is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. His frequent Internet essays have been collected into two anthologies, the latest of which is titled The Perfect Enemy. He also wrote The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001, a 48-page booklet aimed at those who cling to the belief that what the U.S. government said about that tragic day was the truth.

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