President Bush Leads His Army
Across the Little Bighorn*
by James Roger Brown

George W. Bush is suffering a twofold disaster of his own making.  First, he lied and forced the falsification of intelligence to create a national security pretext for the pursuit of a Bush family personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein.  In pursuing this vendetta he led the United States into a "poison pill" trap laid by the wily, more intelligent Saddam Hussein.  Second, he alienated his Machiavellian diplomats, spies and assassins by allowing his neo-conservative staff to go unpunished after attempting to arrange the death of a Diplomat's wife when he pointed out the President lied in his State of the Union Speech.

Saddam's "Poison Pill" Strategy is Working

In April 2003 I wrote a commentary column in part about Saddam Hussein adopting the corporate "poison pill" hostile takeover defense strategy to use against the Bush invasion of Iraq.**

Saddam's strategy is working exceedingly well.  Resistance to the American occupation is building and improving.  The nature of the resistance has caused a breakdown in discipline among United States troops with the resulting over reactions adding to resistance forces and resources.  It has created a situation for the Bush Administration where it can neither retreat nor go forward.  The expeditionary force Bush sent into Iraq cannot be extracted, despite the fact soldiers are subject to daily depredations by snipers and guerrillas, because it would be an admission of total defeat.  More forces cannot be sent into Iraq because that would be an admission of failed planning and strategy.

The cost of attempting to hold onto Iraq has become a black hole money pit for the United States economy which needs the resources for domestic reconstruction.  President Bush's great great grand children will still be paying the bill for his vendetta against Saddam.  United States soldiers may still be there searching for Saddam and hidden weapons of mass destruction in their time as well.

The Bush Administration will probably make repeated attempts to counteract the effects of Saddam's "poison pill" strategy through a series of restructuring and reorganizing exercises in Iraq.  Unfortunately for Bush his Iraq occupation has already consumed a fatal dose of the "poison pill" and nothing short of divine intervention is likely to prevent its ultimate humiliating demise.

"Allies" in Europe are not sending troops to be killed because it would be domestic political suicide and leaders of nations specifically insulted and humiliated by Bush's surrogate intellectual goons are in no mood to help.  Europeans are perfectly willing to watch Bush stew in the juices of his own arrogance and stupidity.  They are also disinclined to support a Zionist puppet state blindly supporting Israel's suicidal tendencies in the Middle East.  I think most Europeans probably understand that the current state of Israel is a doomed enterprise which will be gone in about twenty years.*** They are perfectly satisfied to bide their time until the problems presented by Israel go away through natural processes.

Once it is understood that events in Iraq are facades for the personal clan feud between the Bush and Hussein houses, it is easy to see why Bush is losing.  All Saddam must do to win is stay alive in the face of Bush's occupation of Iraq, which he is doing.  Saddam does not even have to regain control of Iraq to win the feud, although he may somehow pull it off.  Saddam has better survival skills than George W. Bush acquired during his pampered life.

It is possible that American forces could get lucky and succeed in locating and killing Saddam.  This would be a definite loss for Saddam at family feud, but it would not end the adverse effects of the "poison pill" trap Bush has already fallen into.  That blunder President Bush will have to live with the rest of his life, regardless of the amount of time Saddam has left on earth.

Applied Machiavellian Politics 101

Any aspiring emperor needs the services and loyalty of an army, diplomatic corps, spies and assassins.  Alienate any one of them and your aspirations are crippled.  Alienate all four and the aspiring emperor commits suicide, both political and physical.

President Bush has driven his army to physical and emotion ruin.  An ill-equipped undermanned expeditionary force was sent into Iraq justified by what have subsequently been revealed to be lies.  Soldiers have been forced to work under conditions where they are nothing but sitting ducks for snipers and guerrilla attacks.  Bush exacerbated their plight by inviting attacks against them with his chicken hawk macho "Bring'em on" declaration.

Expeditionary force members and their families have been repeatedly lied to about when they would be returning home. 

Responsible commanders who correctly warned mistakes were being made were fired.  Soldiers' pay has been cut in what are still active war zones and further pay cuts have been requested.  The loyalty of reserve forces has been destroyed by needlessly disrupting their lives through extended call-ups for no other reason than to compensate for the consequences of falsehoods and incompetent leadership.

Disaster warnings from professional diplomats regarding the adverse consequences of invading Iraq were set aside for justifying "professional opinions" from the brown stained lips of neo-conservative sycophants.  President Bush crowned his relationship with the diplomatic corps by doing nothing after someone in his administration attempted to engineer the murder of the CIA operative wife of diplomat Joseph Wilson.  Wilson's affront was doing his job and reporting information that contradicted official falsehoods.  Bush further exacerbated this bad situation by allowing Administration spin doctors to institute an ongoing political attack against Wilson and his wife.

In a Machiavellian driven government, the Emperor who betrays his spies and assassins must be made such a horrific negative example that no emperor ever contemplates the petty sacrifice of one of their lives again.

President George W. Bush has crossed a line that his spies and assassins cannot ignore out of their own Machiavellian self-interest and self-preservation.  Bush's only hope of forgiveness is to stop the attacks against Wilson's CIA agent wife and mount the head of the fool who outed her clandestine status on a pike in front of the White House.

If Bush fails to act in his own best interest (and there is no indication he will do anything beyond paying lip service to an investigation), then the next election may be the least of his problems.  At minimum, every vault and file drawer containing material documenting embarrassing or criminal information about Bush will be hauled out and dumped in the public domain.  Bush can expect an election campaign that resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger's.

If the Bush Administration official who outed Plame's covert status still has two remaining active brain cells, they will be seeking to lease space in whatever secret hole Osama bin Laden is hiding.  FBI agents will not be the only people seeking their identity.  The FBI agents will probably be the only ones wanting to make an example of them by sending them to prison.

President Bush Leads His Army Across the Little Bighorn

President George W. Bush has publicly, by and through his neo-conservative staff, slapped the face of his army, his diplomats, his spies and assassins.  One would think no politician on earth could be that stupid, yet, here we are.

Despite declarations of Democratic and Republican political ideology by Presidents, Senators and Representatives, the fundamental philosophy of applied government in Washington D.C. is Machiavellian.  When it comes to power, it is better to be feared than loved.  The purest adherents and advocates of Machiavellian philosophy in Washington are found among the diplomats, spies and assassins.

Watching a "let's make an example of them no one will ever forget" war of retribution by Machiavellian diplomats, spies and assassins against a Bush-led cult of Zionist neo-conservatives in the White House who believe themselves on a mission-from-God should be a historical spectacle to behold.  In a war with these Machiavellians, Bush should not be surprised to find that his Jewish Zionist support has vanished and reappeared in the Wesley Clark Campaign.  Why take the fool's side in such a conflict when the next likely President is also in the Zionist pocket? Jewish Zionists are not interested in seeing the destruction of their extensive spy and assassin network established in the United States that would flow from supporting Bush in a war with Machiavellian spies and assassins acting in there own vital interest.  (If elected President, Wesley Clark will do nothing to shut down the Zionist spy and assassin network no matter how many American scientists are tossed off bridges or how much it costs us in national interest.  It is one of Wesley Clark's few flaws, but a serious one.)

The spies and assassins have delivered their obligatory warning to the White House.  It has been ignored.

Considering the variety of Bush Administration idiots that will be consumed in this self-ignited political conflagration in Washington perhaps his White House will be labeled by future historians as the ship of fuels.

* In case you do not know the historical allusion, the Little Bighorn is where Gen. George Armstrong Custer got himself and the 7th Calvary exterminated foolishly attacking a superior force of Sioux Indians.

** "Brown Finger Bush"

*** "The Inevitable Demise of Israel"

Copyright by James Roger Brown (, October 5, 2003.
All rights reserved.

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