In Praise of Shiva
By Kalidasa

Shiva and Parvarti Male and female are the separate manifestations of thy own self, (thus) split up through the desire of creating; and these are declared as the parents of the creation that sprang into existence. Shiva, Ganesh and Parvarti
Thyself without a source, thou art the source of the universe; thyself endless, thou art the end of the universe; without beginning, thou art the beginning of the universe; and thyself lordless, thou art the lord of the universe.
Thou art fluid and hard on account of the close contact of the particles (adhesion); gross and subtle; light and yet heavy; perceptible and yet the opposite of that; thy will is absolute in (the manifestation of) the energies (or miraculous powers).
Thou art the source of those speeches (the Vedas), the introduction of which is by (the syllable) Om, the utterance of which is according to the three accents (acute, grave and circumflex), the rite to be performed by which is sacrifice, and the fruit of which is heaven.
They declare thee as the Prakriti operating for the benefit of the soul (Purusha); and they know thee alone to be the Purusha, the indifferent (passive) witness of (the operations of) the Prakriti.
Thou, the eternal one, art the sacrificial offering and again its offerer (the sacrificer); the enjoyed and the enjoyer; the knowable and also the knower; the meditator and again the supreme object of meditation.

From the Kumarasambhava of the renowned Sanskrit poet Kalidasa (lived c. 400 CE).

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