The Actual Cause(s) of "COVID-19 Illness"
— Is it Graphene Oxide? Or the Spike Protein?

The health "authorities" (or rather, the health tyrannies) in all countries have assumed, and broadcast, that the unusual respiratory illnesses observed worldwide in 2020 and 2021 are due to infection by a novel corona virus, and this explanation has been widely accepted unthinkingly by most people (as a result of the dumbing-down of people in the West). It may be, however, that the observed illnesses are only partly caused by a genetically engineered corona virus, but that the main cause is something else entirely — either overlooked or deliberately concealed. Actually it may be that the illness (unless it is the normal seasonal flu) is not caused by a virus at all, despite the constant 24/7 assertion of this by governments (or rather, tyrannies) and the mainstream media (a.k.a. "the lying mainstream media").

There are at least four candidates for an alternative cause: (1) Cyanide released into the environment during manufacture of petroleum products from oil obtained by fracking. (2) 5G microwave radiation, currently being "rolled out" in most technically advanced (mainly Western) countries. (3) Graphene oxide, which is present in so-called Covid-19 "vaccines" and in face masks. (4) The Spike Protein, which the mRNA "vaccines" intentionally produce.

It's time to start thinking "outside the box".

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