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Serendipity first went online in April 1996. It is the work of one person, Peter Meyer, and it contains his writings on topics of interest to him (and hopefully to others) and also the writings of many other people. From its earliest beginnings it has had sections on Maria Callas, Psychedelics, Censorship, the "War on Drugs", Common Errors (in English usage), Ganesh Baba (the psychedelic swami), the Waco Massacre, Liberty & Democracy, William Bramley's book The Gods of Eden, and the CIA. All these (with links from the home page) remain, and over the years new sections have been added on Human Rights, God, the Oklahoma City Bombing, NATO's War (in Kosovo, 1999), the Iraq War, Zionism, Ernst Zündel and the much-hoped-for impeachment of George W. Bush (which, unfortunately, did not happen).

A new section was added two days after September 11th, 2001, stating that the destruction of the World Trade Center towers was the result of a deliberate demolition and that the official story about planes hijacked by "Arab terrorists" was a lie. Due to the enormity of the crime that was committed on 9/11 (a case in fact of blatant treason by elements within the U.S. government) much 9/11-related material was added to this website during the five years up to August 2006, with relevant material occasionally added up to August 2010. This website is thus not exclusively a 9/11 website, since most of the material on it is not directly 9/11-related, but it is a major source of 9/11-related information (for those who care to know, and apparently most U.S. citizens don't, being more interested in celebrities and what's on TV tonight).

A brief description of the contents of the major sections of this website (not updated for several years) is at What's on this Website.

This website is meant for thinking people. (Are you one of them?) Some people want to be told what to believe (and what to do) — as if they could not think for themselves (which unfortunately is often the case) — but this website is not intended to provide something which can be believed without further thought. It is intended to provide information which either confirms your view of the world or leads you to change it. This is not simply a mental exercise, since how you act in the world depends on how you see the world, how you see yourself in relation to the world, and how you interpret what you are told of how the world is. The basis of correct action is always to see things as they really are, to the extent this is possible under conditions of limited information.

How to Use this Website

Serendipity has over 1200 pages, with over 7000 links to pages on other websites. There are several ways to access the pages on this website:

  1. Pick one of the sections (or pages) listed in the right margin of the home page and read through it. The many links on these pages lead to other pages on the same subject (on this and other sites). Some of the main pages are quite long, so you might prefer to save them to disk and read them offline (or get the USB flash drive). Furthermore, by saving these documents to disk, or getting the flash drive, you ensure access to them in an uncertain future. After all, some governments have been known to attempt to suppress the release of embarrassing information, and censorship and suppression of free speech are now rife.

  2. There is an index of articles on this site (in which articles added before October 2003 may often be found). This lists the titles of articles and web pages in alphabetical order. Good if you know the title of an article, or just want to browse the titles.

  3. If you're feeling lucky then you can call up some pages at random. This is done via the Go to a Random Page page.

This online Serendipity website has no search function but you can search all pages by purchasing the Website-on-flash-drive.

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