Editor's Note
by Peter Meyer Modified: 1997-11-20

Much of the information presented in this document is already available in various books (including those of Christopher Robbins, Noam Chomsky, Tony & Honey Avirgan, and Leslie & Andrew Cockburn, as cited in the Bibliography — see also The CIA: Audiotapes, Videos, Books and Articles). Some of these books are based upon evidence obtained during U.S. Congressional inquiries such as the one chaired by Senator John Kerry. The author integrates this information to provide a basis for his thesis that the War on Drugs is in fact a massive propaganda and psychological warfare campaign directed against the American people.

The author makes clear how the U.S. mainstream media implicitly conspire with the U.S. government to distort information, to disseminate disinformation and to deceive the American public into believing that the causes of America's vast social problems lie in an assumed moral depravity on the part of minorities and the poor, rather than in the policies of the U.S. government itself.

The author discusses only the role of cocaine, marijuana and the opiates in the "War on Drugs". He also contrasts the status of these with the status of nicotine (tobacco) and alcohol; but, of course, there is no "War" on these, even though they are drugs — highly addictive in the case of nicotine — which separately kill far more people than all illegal drugs combined. One should also not forget the users of other drugs which are presently illegal, many of whom are admirable people (even respected in their professions) or are at least decent human beings, and who are also caught up in this "war".

In editing this document for publication on the web I have made minimal changes. In the original document (twelve pages of text printed in small type) a couple of paragraphs were duplicated and these duplications have been removed. Other than correcting a few typographical and a couple of syntactical errors, and italicising titles, I have made no changes to the text.

This document came into my possession sometime during 1993-1994. I do not remember how I received it, but perhaps someone gave me a copy. There was no indication as to who the author was, and at the time of publishing this article on Serendipity (1996-07-05) I had no idea who wrote it.

On 1996-07-10 I received email from Lee Rodgers informing me that he was the author of this article. There appears to have been some synchronicity at work here, for Lee heard of Serendipity via email from a friend, email which was sitting in his mailbox in the first few days of July, just before I published his article.

Lee informs me that he posted this article to some alt.* newsgroups a couple of years ago. Perhaps I myself downloaded it, thereby acquiring a copy. In the words of several recent U.S. Presidents, "I have no recollection of that."

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