Date: Sunday 6 Feb 2000
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Subject: Heads Up! Austria: Free to Choose Subservience

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The inattentive souls who doubt the existence of the New World Order gangsters had better pay attention to Austria. There Bill Clinton and the unelected future dictators of the European Union are sending a clear signal: The scaffold of world government is almost completed, and even "friendly" nations will be hung if they cling to the idea of self-rule.

Tiny democratic Austria now faces American and EU sanctions for the crime of voting for an Austrian patriot. That patriot, the "right wing" Joerg Haider, holds logical views about immigration and sovereignty. Haider's ideas should be considered mainstream. But they are unacceptable to the internationalists, who have slowly eliminated free speech in the western nations.

And the ruling Globalists now feel free to take open action. Last year NATO terrorized Serbian civilians for their country's internal policies, in order to intimidate "rogue" nations who snub the World Government team. Now the current propaganda attacks and embargo threats against Austria are intended to show "team" states the limits of their imagined freedom. To punctuate all this with warlike overtones, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak called the freely elected Haider "dangerous" to democracy and recalled Israel's ambassador from Vienna for an indefinite period.

In Austria, democratic nations are being reminded that they may choose only approved rulers. Such rulers must unfailingly support goals critical to the success of the Cecil Rhodes vision of world socialism. Thus even honorable opposition to destructive immigration policies is forbidden. "Diversity" shall no longer include the wondrous mix of unique cultures that once made up the world's patchwork of nation-states. Assertions of national sovereignty shall be condemned as "racist" and "anti-Semitic." In economic matters, policies to help one's own country must be subordinated to the demands of non-democratic international organizations.

In allowing Mr. Haider, who earned a plurality of votes, to form a ruling coalition, Austria has pushed a few of these "hot buttons" and unwittingly defied the Chosen. Now the classically liberal nation of ten million faces economic attack, with the implicit possibility of future military attack. In the tradition of a Russian dissident succumbing to Soviet tyrants, Mr. Haider hastened to issue the mandatory statements of contrition.

Marxist leaning Franklin Roosevelt once hailed the so-called "Everyman"-the little guy, the masses yearning to be represented. Yet today, if an auto mechanic in Salzburg casts a vote for his own nation's leadership, the inner circle of "enlightened" dictators in far-away Brussels or Washington will coldly overrule his choice.

Despite the happy nonsense about the "spread of freedom" in the post-Cold War era, the drive of the Warmakers to extinguish the unalienable rights of men has continued. The pace quickens.

D. Rabil for Heads Up!

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