Editor's Note
by Peter Meyer

Steven Gilman was living at Esalen Institute in the late 1980s when he attended a workshop by Terence McKenna, and was inspired by Terence's comparison of travel to a psychedelic experience to embark upon a pilgrimage. He did so, and four years later sent to Terence on floppy disk from India a description of his travels, entitled Pilgrim Tales. Terence passed this on to me early in 1994.

The Serendipity edition of Pilgrim Tales is the first publication in any medium of this interesting story. It is published here with permission of the author, who may be reached via email at steven@satoritrading.com.

In converting this material to HTML I have done a little editing of the text, correcting a few typos and moderating somewhat the author's predilection for capital letters and aversion to commas and hyphens. All 37 chapters were converted during May - October 1996.

Aztec Reading of Steven Gilman's encounters with shamans and shamanism may inspire some to read further on this very interesting subject. Some links to shamanic web sites are:

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