Chapter 20


1991-03-31, La Paz

     ".... The Kairos .....  They know where it is,
        but they don't know what it is."

              'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'     Tom Wolfe

After escaping certain incarceration at the hands of eager Policia and a rabid madwoman during Carnival in Salvador I beat a fast path for refuge to Sao Paulo. Seeking shelter from the storm, a safe haven. I find it with my friend, Odilon, a Brazilian whom I met in the Amazon, and his family.

I look forward to descanso time, relaxation and recovery from that insanity up north. Nothing to do except eat, sleep and read. Time to chill out with my friend, his wife and children.

On the second day of my resurrection Odilon invites me to join him in a meeting with his UFO group one night. A tingling sensation erupts at the back of my head: once more I'm on the verge of another weird Brazilian experience.

Odilon is a man in his mid-50's. A retired government official, about 5' 11'', medium build, good health, and a friendly open spirit. He enjoys talking about inflation rates, the cost of goods in Brazil, goes camping, and avidly watches the World News nightly on television.

In the modern city of Sao Paulo his family owns a condominium, the children watch MTV, listen to Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, The Beatles and The Doors. They all play piano and electronic instruments. Yara, Odilon's Mulher (woman) and mother of all four children, cooks and plays poker on weekends.

I'm feeling the comfort of living with a friendly normal middle-class Brazilian household when Odilon in all seriousness informs me: "UFOs are everywhere! We are constantly visited by aliens, especially here in Brazil. Everybody knows about them!"

UFOlogy, the belief in Flying Saucers is big in South America. All over Brazil, everywhere you go, there are references to aliens, flying saucers, and related phenomena in the newspapers, legitimate and otherwise.

Bookstores are filled with literature on extraterrestrials; it's displayed in their front windows, next to the business and educational material. Indeed, Brazil itself may be from another planet!

My Journey in Central America and here in the Southern Continent has been primarily one of exploration of traditional systems of spirituality, healing and customary beliefs among Indigenous people. Ancient, time-honored and accepted ways of living and being solidly grounded on this planet.

I had not given much thought to, nor felt much interest in, beings from other Space/Time/Dimensional Coordinates.

I'm a little skeptical. I imagine a group of middle- and old-aged men sitting around with nothing to do and plenty of time to spare getting excited about doctored photographs of weather balloons.

I'm interested in something of a more spiritual nature. Ah .... Well, the Universe always provides!

We leave Odilon's home around 7:00 p.m. headed for the meeting at a member's house. The meeting will go on till midnight. Not wanting to offend my host I decide to find a couch and just doze off if I become bored. It's all the travel, you know.

We arrive early at a small one-storey brick house with a carport, garage, sheltered back yard all surrounded by a white metal-post fence. A simple unassuming middle-class suburb like anyplace else in the world. People casually drift in.

Eventually the members are all present. Surprisingly, the composition of the group, about twenty people in all, is eclectic. They come from diverse economic, social, ethnic and age backgrounds.

A noticeable tingle of suspicion creeps slowly up my spine that maybe this is more than I had originally believed.

A retired engineer, some housewives and professional women, college students, business managers, an ex-priest. And Mauricio - a young good looking man in his mid-20's, well dressed, all in white, always smiling, walks with a limp and uses a cane.

Mauricio is a channeler!

Congregating at the back of the house, underneath a shelter in the garden, there is time for introductions, small talk, humor and recounting the previous week's experiences.

What do these people have in common? I assumed just an interest in UFOs. Yet there is more here than just a weekly social gathering. There is an intimacy here that reminds me of the close bonding between good friends.

They not only review together newspaper articles of mysterious sightings but also interact on a deeper level around personal life. Conversations about conflicts with husbands and wives, trouble at work and excitement about making high marks in school.

Around 8:45 p.m. we sit in a circle of chairs in the canopied garden. In the center is a small table which holds a variety of objects and a stack of books on diverse subjects:

Wilhelm Reich the German psychiatrist, translations of old Hindu manuscripts, the Cabala - that ancient Hebrew esoteric teaching, flying saucers, archaeological sites, and native symbolism and ceremonies.

There are large quartz crystals, mostly clear, some colored, mounted on wooden platforms on which are carved stars, crosses, Hebrew letters, astrological signs and other designs. Also a few other stones, old artifacts, a large oblong box in the center, and on top two quartz spheres.

Everyone in the group is wearing necklaces with silver stars of David, the traditional Hebrew symbol of the Faith and the People. No-one to my knowledge in this group is Jewish. Along with a natural curiosity I feel a little self-conscious. Perhaps I, being Jewish, may be scrutinized as an alien!

The serene-looking ex-priest to the left of me solemnly states: "The ancient tribe of Israel were one of the first peoples contacted by extraterrestrials. Many of the spiritual teachings and much of the esoteric knowledge was transmitted. In fact, personages such as Moses were more than likely alien, beings from another space/time dimension."

One woman in the group points to the parting of the Red Sea as a deliberate alien intervention.

Where's my Bible? I'm suddenly feeling this creepy urge to re-explore my roots.

Odilon discloses that the group is completely democratic, everyone shares in decision-making, and there is no leader.

However, Mauricio is clearly in charge! He sits in a wooden chair higher than others, which he also leans against when standing. Attention is always directed toward him. He decides when the meeting will come to order.

Mauricio makes a motion to start. Everyone sits quietly in their chairs. The members rest arms upon legs toward the front, palms up in a traditional yogic meditation posture. A low resonant vibration fills the circle as all begin to hum. It is a form of mantra, and continues for five minutes.

The white-clad leader rises, and begins an invocation. He calls on a host of spirits, saints, Jesus, Moses, an Indigenous god or two, and a few alien visitors. He proceeds with a blessing, in Portuguese.

Finishing, everyone exclaims in a cathedral-like dirge, "Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen."

We all rise. Mauricio begins again, in a full, more powerful voice. This time another prayer, in Hebrew! And again the recital of "Amens" by the group.

The group is standing, most with arms out, palms up in supplication. All of us, eyes closed, begin a chant, a mantra: "Yod Hay Vav Hay"

Twelve times, slowly, a meditation. I recognize the sounds as Hebrew letters, they spell one of the numerous names for God. The Jewish God! What's going on?

Odilon leans over to whisper: "This is a powerful Mantra, ancient Words Of Power all used to call the Visitors and to create the subtle vibrational frequencies required. We must chant the exact number of repetitions according to the Cabalistic wisdom."

Then another mantra, another Hebrew ritualistic phrase: "Adonay Elohaynu"

I begin to wonder if I did not miss something in my religious training as a youth? Maybe I skipped synagogue too often! This coven must be christened 'Born Again Catholics'.

Sitting, more composed and more present after the recitations, a sense of harmony and contentment mixed with anticipation pervades the backyard garden. A general discussion ensues, recounting a recent field trip the group took to an undisturbed archaeological site in Western Brazil.

The significance of the ruins are actively discussed. Each person recounts their individual experience while climbing a pyramid, sensing the presence of particular energies and the types of energies. There is a lively enthusiastic agreement when someone confirms their sensations of vibrational energies. Like discovering a valuable object buried in the sand at a beach during vacation.

A box of artifacts that was unearthed and collected is displayed and opinions offered as to the nature of the old stone and metal discoveries.

The engineer, a bright middle-aged man with a gruff voice offers: "This was an old site we visited. Pre-Inca. It is known yet not excavated or explored. I feel certain they had an 'Advanced Civilization'. Those people must have had contact with extraterrestrials.

Mauricio had done a Channeling at the summit of a pyramid. What had he discovered?

"Pyramids are Power Spots, and used for Communication with the Stars. They are also used for channeling different Energies. There were a number of Pyramids at the site and the residual vibrational energy was significant."

A discussion as to the nature of possible alien visitors to the site at the time of habitation follows. Past, future or other-dimensional. The ex-priest, a lean frail older man in glasses and a wispy beard, provides much information. He waxes enthusiastic about their material treasures.

Time for another chant, a prayer. Then a group meditation. The mantra this time is another Hebrew word.

A well dressed light-skinned woman looks to Mauricio with supplication in her eyes. She is having a problem making a decision about a job opportunity. Her dilemma clearly shows on her expressive face. It is keeping her absorbed, pre-occupied, restless.

Mauricio asks her specific questions. What alternatives are available, what does this mean to you, how will it affect your life, how do you feel about the decision?

"You must meditate in a quiet place to find the answer you are seeking. Hold the small quartz crystal in the palm of your right hand and place the larger rose crystal near your heart. When the Spirit enters you he will assist you to find the Path."

Mauricio has a direct channel to communicate with other presences and he agrees to pray for her to receive the answer she seeks. The woman exhales deeply in a sigh of relief.

Another man describes a problem he is having with his family. Can an alien visitor help? He seeks guidance, and wants an answer.

Again, Mauricio suggests that if the man opens himself up the answer will surface. I'm beginning to wonder if this is not a spiritual Ann Landers service!

Rising again for a short invocation, followed by another mantra, there is a shift in the energy around the circle. This time, a short group of words which are unknown to me. Not Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew or Latin.

The ex-priest notices the quizzical look on my face and responds: "We have been given specific Mantras by our Visitors. They are used as a means of calling the Presences we want to contact."

More repetitions, more Mantras. Hebrew, Portuguese, some 'Other'. Voices merge in harmony, a sympathetic vibration that can be felt down the spine as the group consciousness shifts. A pervading sense of round fuzziness like the skin of a peach, with all attention focused like the lens of a telescope, surrounds me.

While Mauricio is the focus of the energy generated, the consciousness of the people is turned inward. Even with the outer manifestations of movement and voice, a well of silence can be felt, tangibly in the center.

I know altered states when I smell them!

Mauricio is the loudest and most forceful of all. He leans back slightly supported by his chair. Right hand up, chest high palm open outward, left hand folded at the elbow, across solar plexus, palm open up, eyes blank.

The white-clad guide, cane lying against his side, has entered another space, and begins to speak.

A low voice, deep and strong, emerges. It is certainly not Mauricio's voice. One of the 'Beings' that occasionally occupies the channeler's body to deliver special messages to the group has taken over.

The voice tells us that he has come from another dimension. He chooses to visit us to provide the teaching that is required for our further evolution among the Intelligences in the Cosmos.

Having read 'channeled' discourses before, this is my first experience in the presence of a channeler. I am curious and feeling a little strange, maybe out of place. Embarrassment maybe? I can feel totally at ease sitting with a family of primitive jungle dwellers, yet here I feel awkward, as if this is another story.

The low-voiced phenomenon discourses on pyramids and the use of energy. Everyone is listening with rapt attention. The 'Visitor' talks for about twenty minutes.

Silence follows as all eyes are directed toward the Leader. Mauricio begins a slow circular sweeping motion with his left arm, settling back in the original position. Another voice springs forth.

This time a little less powerful, more mid-range, yet with a curious accent that is totally foreign. The channeler's body posture and facial expression change dramatically to accommodate the new Presence. The physical transformations from one being to the next are amazing. Each gesture, postural attitude, facial expression totally foreign.

"I am BXQ75Z and have come from 150,000 years in this planet's past. I have inhabited the bodies of Saints and Prophets, have taught Jesus and Moses and other Enlightened Beings. I have been known by many other names such as Ezekial, Beelzebub and Michael."

He advises us on the use of 'words of power' and mantras. The 'Visitor' emphasizes the necessity for 'right living' as a spiritual condition for work, for money and for work on oneself.

The information and advice is a little too general. I wonder if he was an advisor to Dr Norman Vincent Peale?

Several of the members ask him questions about how to lead their lives better. One woman is in tears as she seeks healing for a traumatic emotional disturbance. The members are clearly attuned and attentive to BXQ75Z's influence.

He offers suggestions and makes one or two specific recommendations to the questioners. After thirty minutes, he too becomes silent.

This is all alien to me, and a thought whispers from the depths of my skepticism, "I wish Mauricio would take responsibility for what he is putting out!" These people are certainly amenable to receive guidance in this form, from these 'entities' even if not from the channeler directly. Who knows? Maybe this is as good a way to do therapy as other Western methods.

Mauricio begins another slow sweeping movement with his left arm, again settling it back before his solar plexus. The third and final 'entity' enters Mauricio's body and takes over.

The 'Visitor's' name is DRAX. He is from another eimension in the future. DRAX has never had a physical body and exists only as a conscious entity. A high-pitched childish voice and constant playful movement identify him.

DRAX sits back on the chair, his hands are constantly moving in childlike absorption, as if the alien is unaccustomed to a human body.

Drawing imaginary lines up and down his legs, pulling and tying invisible strings or webs in the air. He is like a child, absorbed in games.

Glancing over at me he says (in English) "Good Evening, Steven, WELCOME!"

Nodding in return I am tempted to initiate further conversation in English, a different language for Mauricio, yet resist. It's his show!

DRAX is an expert with crystals. People come to the front with their personal stones. He inspects them, describes what type of substance they are and how to use them properly. He casually waves a hand over the crystals, empowering them.

DRAX speaks for a long time, 45 minutes. He clearly enjoys an audience. Finally he stands, assumes the familiar hand posture.

Mauricio returns. Clearly tired, drained, quiet after an exhaustive one and a half hour 'performance'. His subdued presence is tangible, like a finely sensitive fig that bruises easily. There is no question that his consciousness has been on a different plane and the physical stamina required is evident.

Members of the group stand, begin a slow, low-toned mantra, all hands palm open toward the high chair as they solemnly deliver energy to Mauricio. He slowly recovers, and takes a drink of 'empowered' water.

There is a short round of conversation. Questions and acknowledgments. Then, Mauricio and the group stand, intone a final prayer in closing. The meeting is over.

I talk with Mauricio afterward. The first time he was 'entered' was at the age of eighteen. He was with another group then that had another channeler. Mauricio helped form this group two years ago.

I noticed the entities he channeled took on certain aspects of his character and personality when he was not channeling.

Departing the scene, I am left with many questions that arose throughout my experience. The members of the group are clearly invested in the existence of aliens from mysterious places and a whole cosmogony of archetypal and esoteric beliefs. How does all this tie together, what is the connection?

More important, what is it that draws such an average group of people together in this type of setting? What do they receive as a result of these channeling experiences that benefits their lives?

Many in the group entered a trance space while chanting. Mauricio certainly entered an alternative reality.

Is it just this space alone, while open and available, that provides a measure of healing or sustenance? For the participants there is certainly an authenticity in their seeking answers for themselves. They are invested in 'Something' greater than themselves, and this helps guide their lives.

Though still skeptical about the nature of those 'Visitors', I feel there was clearly some deep recess of consciousness tapped into. That deep expression, in this context uniquely emerges in a foreign medium. And perhaps for a culture caught between Ancient Indigenous Gods and a failing Judeo-Christian Mythology, the way the message is delivered makes it more palatable.

It has been a long night. Feeling tired, still curious and full of questions, I'm grateful to Odilon for what turned out to be a totally unexpected experience.

Copyright 1994 Steven Gilman

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