This is my psychedelic birth death
It started when the music got heavy
I don't remember walking out
into the steet
I got shot
It was very tense
Arms wrapped around a lamp post 
Legs in the gutter
I died — Oh my God

Death is a lie
I could finally shout YES
I walked with the rubber people
They were dead too
We knew it would not end
It was very comfortable
to know that it was this way
A great relief
It made me so happy
I wanted to shout
to all the people 
but they couldn't hear me
It would always be like this now

The sky was dark
It was night I think
Everything was made of rubber
and it smelled very sweet
It would always be this way

And so I walked on
I met a lot of people
Somebody said they would kill me
and they did
but it didn't matter

I lived in the street
It was always dark
There were always lamp posts
shining on the wet pavement
The people helped each other 
They cared about how it was
because they knew