Re: Desert High
by Mitchell Barnes

This was first posted to the Novelty List this summer [1997] in response to Bonnie.

>> a. First part. Apparency of traveling through molecular structure.
>> Apparently DNA, and the meetings with other people were at apparently
>>at the intersecting coils of nuclear matter.

>I see the DNA coils or whatever they are -- I see the
>dance of the mayan glyphs -- one metaphor or another --
>it's probably the same thing. I'm gearing up for
>being able to do more than just grin at them --
> this gate thing -- can you say more about that?

I personally feel that the molecular structure vision is different than the Mayan glyphs vision. It's been my experience that the glyphs are easier to work with using voicing and pitch and power words. While they seem to exist in and of their own right, that topological space is very responsive to human interaction, and easier to access. The DNA space, words I use for lack of a better descriptor, didn't have that fluid plasticity of flowering life. (Yes, I'm mixing metaphors here.) While attention and will are effective within the DNA space, the mechanics are very different than the Mayan space. I've been in the DNA space only a couple of times, accessed only on very high dosages. The second time was the one of the story. At that time I had been a 10-year lucid dreamer and was sucessfully working with flying and colored and clear lights consciously emitted from the fingertips. The light being either a force operating on moving matter around within the matrix, or a means of accreting matter into form. In the DNA space I found those flying and colored light emission techniques very handy to move around through the matrix. Another difference between the Mayan glyph space and the DNA space is that the glyph space seems to be electrically neutral to the body (the body defined in these cases as the immediate area surrounding the apparent sensory emission and receiving point - I don't usually haul the meat with me into those spaces). By electrically neutral I refer to the experience that one seems to be able to move freely and without any stickiness or slickness in regards to the proximity/distance of any the glyphs within the dance. This is very different in the DNA space. There is an electrical charge (again using a convenient word) that causes a certain perceptual stickiness and slickness as one's attention point/body maneuvers within the matrix. This stickiness isn't profound, I didn't feel as though I would be stuck to anything, but there was effort involved as I used the tractor and repellor beams to move. [Just a side thought here, when I read Dr. Lightning's account of the being composed of universes the internally evoked pictures were similar to those of my experience. I wonder if the stickiness I felt could have been gravity, and my confusion was just one of scale? But then this was definitely not a oneness/oceanic/godhead experience, this was a place, just like Earth is a place.] I found that one could use techniques similar to those used in casting man-made objects out of the solar system, using gravity slingshots, but in this case carooming intelligently through the perceptual stickiness and slickness - conserving energy. So finally to the gate thing.

>>It is very difficult to describe the meeting of people at the DNA intercises,

>Yes, how did you get through the gates?

It really wasn't a matter of going through the gates. I was just now going to say that 'window' would be a better word, but that isn't right either. When the DNA hypercoiled through itself to conserve physical space it seemed as though certain of the atoms became pivot points for several different vectors of coil - coils which normally would be some distance apart. It could be like Terence speaks of - the superconductivity of the molecule; I'm not sure. Those coil intersections obtained a high enough vibratory factor, by whatever means, to allow the complex out-flowering of human form and personality. I remember very distinctly of being surprised at meeting other beings, but realized that this area was a hang-out for those who understood and had the ability to work with the tremendous energies involved. The spatial structure of the emanation gates didn't have a readily discernible crystalline form, and not all the gates were being used. I encountered maybe 15 people there and had the distinct idea that the area was a sort of "coffee house" maintained by those present at any given point of time - the key to entry being the knowledge and use of the tools necessary to create and maintain the space.

When I first went into that space, the structure was uncoiled, I had to catalyse the intial coiling, using light and matter structures streaming from my hands, then the structure finished on its own into a hypercoil at rest state. You have to, I think, hypercoil the structure in order to realize the gate state.

The first time in the DNA space I didn't have the tools or the understanding about the hypercoiling and consequently the structure didn't have the energy punch necessary to create those nodal gates.

Time hypercoils too, then it is very easy to time travel by using the nodal intersection points to jump from place time to place time. But you have to remember that time is logarithmic - I learned that when I overshot California 1986 in the story.

This whole experience was one that taught me absolutely that in order to move within, or work with the matrix, whether it is matter or time, whether it is of low or high vibration, one has to be very centered and relaxed. These places are not about thinking about doing something then doing it, they are about pure doing and certainty of action. If one begins questioning the matix and abilities being manifested, ie, if the chattering monkey of analytical thought rears its cute little hairy head, there is a good chance of the immediate maninfestation of those very spooky late bardo states - and then you've got to deal with those scenarios and beings - uncomfortable indeed, unnecessary, and shall I say, somewhat embarassing?

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