Extracts from DMT Experience

Around me I felt a crowding in of beings as if the Celtic Faerie land of Fay had become momentarily co-present with where I was. ... There was a thought that I was in a room full of aliens and they were playing with me, but that somehow they had conspired to make me this way ... I let my will go then and tumbled forward into elfland. Terence McKenna is apt in calling these entities 'elves'. They are elves/not-elves. They don't appear, they kind of ooze out of the woodwork seductively and before you know it they're there - the whole realm is infested with these creatures like nothing else you could ever imagine. ... What you do with these elves is some sort of a game of catch, only the physics of the game has been replaced by the physics of synesthesia. In catching the things they threw, in playing with them, I participated in the ineffable mysteries that they were. ... I remember saying, and being very sure of this as I still am now, 'Those are the gods.' By which I meant, of all the things I've experienced in life, they are the most like real living gods, and should be called that.

I definitely felt I had been closer to the core of the real than ever before and that this mystery is front and center to who we are as humans, who we really are. ... There has not been an hour to pass since I did it that I haven't thought of it and tried again to reference it to this world, failing. I do feel it is a very important experience to have as a human being, and in some sense a whole lot safer than mushrooms or acid. ... DMT seems to be so awe-inspiring, one is just so floored by it, that there is no chance for trying to figure it out.

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