From: Doc haux
Date: 9 April 2009
Subject: Preservation of psylocybe species

Psilocyn, more active but more unstable than psilocybin, degrades to inert forms with heat exposure. Rather than drying the fungi over "low" heat, there's another simple way to dessicate them.

Hobby stores sell silica granules to dry flowers and plants. This is also packaged in tiny packets to keep pharmaceutical pills from absorbing water. Just fill a plastic carton, e.g. clean cottage cheese or yogurt carton, two-thirds full of silica, and place several layers of loose-weave gauze (cheesecloth or medical "4X4's" over the surface of the granules. Loosely stack mushrooms on the gauze, tightly affix cover, and place inside plastic wrap or ziploc. Store this in a very cold refrigerator for several days. When you open it, you'll have clean, intact, very dry mushrooms, which can then be stored in the freezer.

The freon route seems extreme; if you have a vacuum-sealer, such as gardeners use to preserve produce, you can seal the dry mushrooms in single-dose-sized packets, then store the packets in one or two layers of ziplocs. No significant amounts of oxygen will penetrate. I have kept this medicine for five years without apparently losing any of its potency.

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