1997-06-12, Ricky Slater: Kooks, Killers and a Fool

Date: 12 Jun 97 11:02:45 EDT
From: Rickie.A.Slater@Dartmouth.EDU (Rickie A. Slater)
Subject: ciadrugs] Kooks, Killers and a Fool
To: ciadrugs@mars.galstar.com (The ciadrugs mailing list)

--- cyberhabilis@mindspring.com wrote:
Maybe that's just me, take it for what it's worth, but reader beware.

Defectionately yours,
Walter Mitty
...Bring in the kooks
--- end of quote ---

I agree with most of your sentiment but not all of your conclusions. I do not ridicule "weather machines" because it is possible to heat air and very probable, if not certain, to affect the weather to some degree. I do agree that the fear of this threat is unwarranted in light of how little control we have over natural disasters and recognizing that in either case our area of influence is in being prepared even if our area of concern, in the long run, is the cause of the disaster. Area 51, likewise is hard to ridicule because it is a mystery surrounded in secrecy which I cannot portray as something sinister or good, beneficial or harmful. Just a mystery.

I would like to bring up something that is related to CIADRUGS though. I must admit to having accomplished very little regarding the FAQ. If in fact the Mena-drug connection is a smokescreen to hide more nefarious and sinister operations then perhaps the CIA-drug connection is also. I felt we needed to stick to convictions, court evidence and etc. to keep the rumor level to a minimum but what do we really have? Granted a first time list member would be filled with questions that could be readily answered but what have we really got for answers? That it's dangerous to get involved with national police?

To present the perspective I am working from I believe we have a parasitic organization which is using the Intelligence gathering agencies of the US government in order to control the production efforts of all the people of the world (china connections?). I believe we are getting a glimpse, through the free exchanges of the internet, of a beast which kills without remorse for the sole pupose of personal gain of power and control of all people. Most, if not all, of the people we talk about on the list appear to be puppets used to play one diversion or another with each being expendable and if caught at anything set up to take the blame for as much as possible if necessary to cover the others (e.g. Harmon).

Regarding Hopsicker: I cannot help but get the feeling that only a fool would go where angels fear to tread. I am inclined to believe we are focusing on one part of a group who could eliminate all of us and/or most of the world and convince the vast majority if not all survivors that the disaster and deaths were caused naturally and/or by an act of God.

In light of recent current events and revelations on this list I am questioning my earlier conviction that a FAQ would be a good idea. It really is looking like a waste of time to me at the moment. I will finish by repeating that the only thing I have really learned for a fact from this list is that it is dangerous to get involved with the police. Beyond that I know nothing for certain.


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