1997-05-31, Michael Rivero: Re Jean Duffey on Seal & the CIA

Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 16:55:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Michael Rivero <rivero@accessone.com>
To: The ciadrugs mailing list <ciadrugs@mars.galstar.com>
Subject: ciadrugs] Re: Jean Duffey on Seal & the CIA

On Sat, 31 May 1997, Mark Keesee wrote:

> Jean wrote:
> > > I was scanning Bottoms response to my post
> > > on Seal and the CIA and was perfectly
> > > content to ignore his predictable rantings,
> > > until I read his response to the below. It
> > > is a most significant admission.
> > >
> Bottoms wrote:
> > You are hanging on every word and fighting for
> > your credibility Jean. Don't feed this list or anyone
> > else hypnotic strokes when the obvious is there.
> Jean wrote:
> The words of a man who got caught with his foot in
> his mouth and has no retort.

I agree..

FWIW, the following is the anti-Bottoms post that got me kicked off of the CAS mailing list.

Newsgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater
Subject: Re: CIA *WAS* AT MENA
References: <19970129134401.IAA04314@ladder01.news.aol.com> <5cor2a$326@lana.zippo.com>

In article <5cor2a$326@lana.zippo.com>, <Bear Bottoms> wrote:
>Bear Bottoms Comment:
>Yep they sure were, but as a customer. This
>is a far cry from the allegations made. The
>Mena Myth is crumbling before your eyss.
>You are better informed than they. Fancy that.

Translation,"Well, yeah, the CIA lied to everyone about being at Mena at all, and they've had to fss up, but THIS time, we're really really really REALLY cross my heart and hope to, um, with sugar on top really REALLY telling the truth THIS time!"

Asking admitted drug smuggler "Bear Bottoms" is there's smuggling in Mena is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer if there are cannibals in Milaukee.

One should not expect an honest answer.

Look at it this way. If there really IS nothing at Mena, why would Bear Bottoms care what a bunch of internet folks thought? Were there nothing at Mena, there would be no reason for Bottoms to blow his cover as a former smuggler and present day D.E.A. informant, risking not only his own life but those of every D.E.A. undercover agent he's ever been seen with.

Look how hard Bottoms works at this. This attempt to convince people that there was nothing at Mena has becomne a full time job.

Bottoms is, by his own admission, a drug runner and a snitch; a man who took his money then betrayed his associates when it suited him. Were not talking the moral high ground here. We're talking about a man who will say and do anything to serve his agenda.

So, ask yourself, does it make sense for such a self confessed (this word removed at the insistance of Ray Heizer) to worry about an operation at Mena if there was really no operation at Mena?

Then, after you've concluded, as most rational people do, that there isn't much sense in exposing yourself to danger to claim that something that doesn't exist doesn't exist, ask yourself if the intensity of Botttoms' activity isn't far more consistant with the protection of a secret.

Ask yourself if Bottoms' actions make much more sense if there really is something to hide at Mena.

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