1997-05-16, Larry: Re WSJ -- Jean Duffey Letter

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John Q. Public wrote:
>However, when the basis for much of what has been written
>about Mena is that Seal imported tons of cocaine into Mena,
>and was responsible for $billions being laundered through
>Arkansas, and flew guns from Mena to the Contras for Ollie
>North, and these allegations are untrue, there is virtually
>nothing left.

Whether the cocaine actually landed in Mena, or if planes based at Mena airdropped the cocaine into Louisiana, is splitting hairs. Either way, tons of cocaine entered the United States with businesses at Mena aiding Barry Seal's fleet.

The Louisiana attorney general estimated to the Justice Department that Seal had "smuggled between $3 billion and $5 billion in drugs into the U.S."

The Internal Revenue Service charged Seal $29,487,718 for delinquent taxes. The taxes were levied against estimated revenue from Seal's drug smuggling activities during 1981, 1982 and 1983. A tax lien filed in the case was compiled using testimony Seal gave as a witness in a Florida trial held in June 1985. Seal testified that he was involved in 50 trips during those three years."

Either way, Seal imported tons of cocaine.

IRS investigator William Duncan's draft indictment of Fred Hampton documents that Seal paid Hampton. Hampton and his Rich Mountain Aviation performed illegal modifications to Seal's planes. Hampton's job was *not* laundering Seal's cash.

Hampton continued doing questionable aircraft modifications at Mena and has never faced prosecution.

To find where the cash was laundered requires going above the teller window. Mena banks were owned by the Riadys of the Lippo Group and Jackson Stephens. Rose Law Firm did their legal work. We need to learn more about those banks, as well as Lasater & Co. and the ADFA to understand the extent of the money-laundering.

L.D. Brown claims he flew guns with Seal. R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Roger Morris and Sally Denton corroborate Brown's account. Russell Welch claims he did not catch Seal running guns. There are contradictions which require further scrutiny. The use if identical planes could explain the contradiction.

L.D. Brown is not alone in making the charge about Mena and guns.

From "Boy Clinton" by Tyrrell:
In March 1995, in a legally binding deposition, Trooper Larry Patterson also said that Clinton knew about Mena. Patterson said he had overheard conversations about "large quantities of drugs being flown into Mena airport, large quantities of guns, that there was an ongoing operation training foreign people in the area." When asked, "Were any of these conversations in the presence of Governor Bill Clinton?" he replied: "Yes, sir."

John Q. Public wrote:
>If not Seal, who? How? When? How much? There are no answers, apparently.

Professional investigators have provided plenty of answers. We need official government investigators to prosecute.


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