1997-05-29, Jean Duffey: Re Seal & the CIA

Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 22:29:30 -0500
From: Jean Duffey <jean@idmedia.com>
To: lar-jen@interaccess.com
Subject: Re: [Fwd: ciadrugs] Re: Jean Duffey on Seal & the CIA]

I was scanning Bottoms response to my post on Seal and the CIA and was perfectly content to ignore his predictable rantings, until I read his response to the below. It is a most significant admission.

I wrote:
> > I find it interesting, that Bottoms, nor
> > anybody else, has offered a reasonable explanation as
> > to why three Republican U.S. Attorneys thwarted two
> > federal grand juries that were investigating the crimes
> > of Mena.

Bottoms wrote:
> This is not correct. I have and the record
> shows it to be true. Seal had a deal with the Feds
> which prevented such.

One of the two federal grand juries I refer to above was the Western District of Arkansas Grand Jury to which Russell Welch and Bill Duncan tried desperately, but in vain, to present their case against Seal. The other was the Eastern District of Arkansas Grand Jury to which my drug task force and I tried desperately, but in vain, to present our case against Dan Harmon and the murderers of Kevin and Don. The jurors in both probes were not allowed to see the evidence or hear the testimony they wanted and asked for, and Bottoms is saying it is because "Seal had a deal with the Feds." If Seal had nothing to do with Harmon or the drug smuggling that resulted in the murders of Kevin and Don, how would Seal's "deal with the Feds" cause that grand jury investigation to be thwarted?

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