1997-05-29, Jean Duffey: Seal & the CIA

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After I left Arkansas in 1991, I was in hiding for nine months and didn't have the opportunity to take the required legal education hours to maintain my law license. I had no desire to become recertified until it became a reality that Linda Ives was going to be able to build a civil case against the killers of her son. Recently I have focused on getting my license back (which should be mid-June), so that I can be an attorney of record in Linda's civil case (to be filed this fall if all goes well).

Because of the time I spend on those two goals, I don't spend much time concerning myself with Billy Bottoms. What he thinks, writes, claims, or argues is of little or no consequence to Linda's civil case, and besides, Larry and company have been keeping the arguments well stacked against him. I do, however, have a tid-bit of information to add to Larry's deck regarding Seal and the CIA.

The following is an article excerpt on the subject:

>> "Clinton trapped in an American ritual"
>> by Martin Walker
>> April 3, 1994
>> In his memoirs, Oliver North paid tribute to the
>> help of Barry Seal, the former owner of that plane.
>> Barry Seal was a CIA and Drug Enforcement Agency
>> informant.

On May 21, John Q. wrote in response to that article:

> Seal was not a CIA informant, except to the extent
> that he and the DEA allowed CIA cameras to be placed
> on the C123 for surveillance purposes.

Of course, J.Q. is regurgitating what Bottoms says:

Then, on May 24, in a post to The CIA Drugs Mailing List, Bottoms wrote:

> Seal did not work for North. There is no evidence
> except allegations by Reed, Brown, and Tatum and
> pure speculation. All of the above is filled with
> speculation. The truth of the matter is how I have
> related it.

The truth of the matter is, Bottoms left out several other individuals who have independently corroborated Seal's involvement with the CIA. One is Fred Hampton who has been referenced by others as saying Seal had CIA connections. Additionally, Linda Ives and I spent five hours this past March talking with Hampton in Mena, when he repeatedly insisted and reiterated that as far as he was aware, every drug-related trip Seal made was as an informant for DEA, with the exception of the "Fat Lady" sting operation.

Hampton told us that Seal was approached by the CIA for his help with that operation. That was after sounding like a broken record for hours about Seal being a DEA informant and the DEA paying Hampton to modify the planes Seal flew. So, when Hampton blurted out that the CIA approached Seal, I was somewhat surprised. I promptly told Hampton that Bottoms insisted the only part the CIA played in that operation was to loan camera equipment to the DEA. Hampton did not change his assertion. He was emphatic about that sting operation being planned and executed by the CIA, not the DEA. I asked Hampton about Oliver North, and although Hampton verified North's involvement, he either didn't know or was not willing to tell us the extent of it. However, Hampton had no reservations about revealing that the operation was CIA. Hampton did say he knew North wanted to verify Russian involvement with the Sandanistas so Congress would be more sympathetic about supporting the Contras. Hampton said the color of the fuel that was in the "Fat Lady" when it returned to Mena was evidence that it was Russian fuel.

If one applies logic to the conflicting claims made by Hampton and Bottoms, about Seal's CIA connections, Hampton is more believable. Hampton, who denies he knew Seal ever made an illegal run for profit, claims all of Seal's trips were under the auspices of the DEA- except the one. Hampton has no agenda other than to blanket Seal (and himself in the process) with government authority. It doesn't matter to Hampton which agency the authority came from. He just wants to make certain he can claim the devil - I mean the government (same thing)- made him do it. There is absolutely no logical reason for Hampton to suggest CIA involvement if there was none, and in fact, it would discredit his claim of government authority if he lied about the CIA being involved. If the operation was not CIA, Hampton would do better to stick with the less disputed claim that Seal was DEA.

Bottoms, on the other hand, has an agenda to disaffirm any CIA involvement with Seal in spite of the evidence to the contrary that is beginning to make Bottoms look foolish.

Another individual who has alleged Seal was CIA, is the pilot Bottoms refers to as "Duffey's pilot" who goes by the code name, Joe. Joe has not revealed his real name publicly, and I wish to make it clear that I do not vouch for Joe's total veracity. He is a confessed drug-running pilot who, like Bottoms, has never been held accountable for his crimes. But, unlike Bottoms, Joe has given me valuable information about the Saline County drop-site where Kevin and Don were murdered, and much of the important parts of that information has been verified to me by the FBI. Additionally, I have never found an inconsistency in Joe's information and have not discovered anything he has said as not true, and one of the assertions Joe makes is that Seal's Mena operation was primarily CIA just prior to his death.

I have documented what Fred Hampton said to Linda Ives and me about Seal and the CIA as well as what "Duffey's pilot" alleges. I refuse to argue with Bottoms. He has made unsuccessful efforts to counter the preponderance of evidence that connects Seal to the CIA, including Seal's own sworn statements, and has exposed himself as a disinformant. (By the way Billy, you told me several months ago you had talked to an attorney and you were going to sue me if we didn't take down our webpage that posts your claims under "Disinformation" located at http://www.idmedia.com/menapage2.htm. It's still up, and we haven't changed a word. Where's the suit? Please respond via this listing. By the way, stop sending me e-mail. I don't read it.

One more thought: I find it interesting, that Bottoms, or anybody else, has [not - ed.] offered a reasonable explanation as to why three Republican U.S. Attorneys thwarted two federal grand juries that were investigating the crimes of Mena. If Mena was a "hoax," a "smoke screen," a "myth," why not allow the jurors to see the evidence and hear the witnesses they asked for. Why were Russell Welch and Bill Duncan prevented from testifying to the Western District Grand Jury? Why were my task force officers and I prevented from testifying to the Eastern District Grand Jury? Both grand juries requested our evidence, but were not allowed to have it. Who was being protected? Seal was not that important. If legitimate DEA sting operations were being protected, why not just say so? They did in Louisiana. The logical explanation for why neither grand jury was allowed to probe the crimes of Mena, including the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, was to prevent the exposure of the CIA's involvement in drug-and-gun running.

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