1997-06-10, Cyberhabilis: Re Timothy McVeigh's MKULTRA programming?

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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 19:47:25 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: ciadrugs] Re: IP: Timothy McVeigh's MKULTRA programming?

At 03:30 PM 6/10/97 -0700, The ciadrugs mailing list wrote:

>posting below is what an "alleged" former CIA operative, Chip Tatum,
>is releasing for mass net distribution. It is LOADED with intel/bible

Exciting stuff isn't it? Just the kind of wild "James Bond" stories that, half-based in fact, seem almost believable to those of us who are jaded enough to believe any nasty story about the gov't. But this story is reminiscent of "Gov't weather machines" and other wild Trochman-esque "evil government" stories.

For segments of the polity who could be convinced of CIA-drugs, these goofy stories function to discredit the truth, to alleviate the need to recognize the truth. I'm sorry I'm gonna anger someone, but IMO, those alt.consiracy denizens who fall for obvious story-tellers like ole' Chip are worse than any disinformer, they drag the reputation of valid CIA-drugs research down with them.

Chip worked for the gov't, so the evidence supports. I doubt he ever stopped working for them, hence the stream of inaccurate and ridiculous stories, mixed in with enough 'names' to make it seem convincing - practically a cut 'n paste grab-bag from Larouchian publications.

IMO, stories like these are a deflection from the real truth. The stories are ostensibly anti-CIA, but they accomplish the exact opposite because of the outrageous mythology that only the most hard-core Area-51 buff would believe.

Sorry, but after seeing so many glaring inconsistencies in ole' Chip's *MORE BELIEVABLE* stories, I ignore anything from him.

Maybe that's just me, take it for what it's worth, but reader beware.

Defectionately yours,
Walter Mitty
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