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Hi Kris,

I swore I'd stop, but here's some devil's advocate comments re: Chip Tatum:

At 11:00 PM 5/31/97 RoadsEnd@aol.com wrote:

>an excerpt from:
> (1) The Pegasus File by David G. Guyatt C)1997
>Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller; 25-year CIA deep-cover agent;
>US Army pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada;
>Iran-Contra pilot flying cocaine shipments labelled as medical supplies; and
>member of the ultra-secret, international G7-run Pegasus "hit team"...this is
>the extraordinary story of Gene "Chip" Tatum.

What's even more amazing is that we believe Tatum has stopped being a gov't agent. Many of us don't believe BB stopped working for the gov't, why give Tatum the benefit of believing he's no longer a gov't agent?

>Countering this demand, Tatum volunteered to plead guilty on a fabricated
>felony count and serve a 12-month sentence--so that his credibility would be
>damaged in the event he ever decided to speak out. His incarceration for the
>second charge--and especially the six- month sentence of his wife, Nancy--led
>him to speak out about his life, almost 30 years of which he served as a
>"black" operative, and to reveal and destroy the command structure of
>Pegasus. It is an extraordinary story.

Why do we think that the additional charge & incarceration of his wife changed the quid-pro-quo?

Or, look at it this way, if all the gov't was _WILLING_ to do was punish he and his wife with prison, why is he now blabbing about Mena, which he claims is at risk to his life?

Tatum is therefore claiming that he wants to unnecessarily "up the ante" past simple imprisonment, so that they _WANT_ to kill him, not just imprison him. He's not claiming to do this on the basis of being a 'reformed black op.' who got enlightened. He's doing this, he claims, to save his skin.

Uh, this may be more true than we think: It may be part of the quid-pro-quo that he claims fell through.

Tatum's actions don't make any sense and are inconsistent with the indisputed facts. As far as the prison terms are concerned, with probation, those were 'nothing.'

>By now, almost two years later, Tatum had decided to document his discovery
>to safeguard his "retirement".

This would be an act of proactive prudence, it's even believable. Where I have concerns is that these black ops guys never really 'retire,' they can be called out of retirement, they are in 'permanent reserves,' at it was described to me by one self-proclaimed ex-operative.

>Thereafter, he documented all Pegasus flights
>on the reverse of his flight logs.

Which is a post-defacto explanation to the flight logs we've all seen. Not a fallacy in of itself, but photocopying old logs and scribbling new 'faux' 'documentation' for internet release strikes me as a strong possibility. Note how this reporter doesn't mention these documents directly.

>Developing this theme in more detail, Tatum explains that the Enterprise was
>receiving drugs in exchange for the guns they supplied to the Contras. The
>raw product in the form of coca leaves was supplied by the Colombians and
>pressed into large cube-shaped bales and then shipped to Nicaragua and
>Honduras.6 All the "product" was pre-sold and the delivery into the US

This is the hardest part of Tatum's story to swallow. The reason coke was favored, aside from it's superior addiction market, was that coca could be rendered to 'paste' on-site in jungle cocaine-paste labs, rendering it _LESS_ bulky than marijuana. (see Cele Castillo's experience in Peru & Colombia, in "Powder Burns") Contrary to known practice, coca leaves, in bales, are _MORE_ bulky than pot bales, in terms of cost-per-ounce (or cost-per-ton vs. end market price-per-ounce, whatever metric you care to use).

Moreover, shipping the coca leaves would have increased the cost in a cocaine market seeing rapidly declining prices (despite the 'price support' mechanisms of "increased" psuedo-interdiction and arrests of independants and small-time end-market dealers).

Shipping coca bales from Colombia to Panama might have remotely made sense, but to ship them to Honduras (too easy to finger the Honduran military) and Nicaragua (what?) is to ship the coca leaves across ten jungles and/or the Gulf. I don't believe it.

>These, in turn, were later sold to Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's--negotiable
>US Federal Mortgage Securities that are traded globally on a daily basis.
>Each laundry "cycle" lasted from six months to a year. The result was dirty
>money transformed into good, clean, US currency.

A slow 6-mo. laundry cycle was unnecesary and an obstruction in a time frame where the Contras needed all the money they could get. Slowing the "cycle" down through securities doesn't clean the money; it's the "levels" of laundering that 'clean' money, not the "rate." Records are records, no matter how far they go back.

We know North's operation was using 'fast' money laundries where the money went through double exchanges directly, using local cash and off-shore bank accounts (plus shipping and handling). The Contras were laundering North's money through DIACSA, the Miami-based aircraft parts company whose principals were into trafficking. The money was laundered very directly, not thru US Gov't securities.

Many of these off-shore Iran-Contra/Enterprise banks were in Panama (as well as Switzerland). Panama seems to be a locale which Tatum conveniently skips.

>Included are the US Drug Enforcement
>Administration (DEA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Bureau of
>Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) as well as agents from British, Israeli,
>Turkish and Danish Intelligence plus "others who performed various functions
>for Pegasus".7 The mission of Pegasus, Tatum explains, is "to 'align' world
>leaders and financiers to our [US] policies and standards".

We're flying high now, we're into New World Order machinations. Black helicopters are next....

>Tatum also describes his involvement in the assassination of Amiram Nir, the
>former Israeli Mossad agent who went under the assumed name of Pat Weber. Nir
>was scheduled to testify to the Senate subcommittee and it was feared he
>would reveal the truth. He perished, following the shooting-down of his
>aircraft with missiles from Tatum's helicopter.

Wooo-weeee! He did everything! It's all explained here...

>They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname
>"Burundanga" or "the Voodoo drug". The drug is extracted from the pods of a
>flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its
>processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is "void of smell, void of taste". When
>properly administered "it causes absolute obedience" without this being
>"observable by others".

Where's James Bond when you need him?

Coincidentally, amazing-but-true 'secret agent man' propaganda stories have the same effect as the aforementioned drug..... and now that _WE_ *believe,* anyone else who comes along to tell us Tatum's story doesn't fly is a 'disinformer,' right?

Ahhh, the fog is getting so thick I can barely see my own nose.

>he has known targets to die from too high a dose.

I've been known to hurl from too high a dose of disinformation....


Well, here we are, we have the dialectic of Tatum & Reed vs. Billy Bottoms. These end up being central in the ensuing "debate," keeping us all quite busy trying to sort out the 'facts.'

OTOH, Jean Duffey is the _ONE_ person whose story has consistently been supported by facts and events: she lead us to Dan Harmon, and he's now finally indicted and under trial.

The rest, they are serving as functional detours from the direction of Duffey's investigation. And I think we all know where that leads.

Defectionately yours,
Walter Mitty
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