1997-06-03, Bear Bottoms: Re Temperature's rising

From: "Bear Bottoms" <bbottoms@eatel.net>
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Subject: ciadrugs] Re: Temperature's rising
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 18:23:31 -0500

> From: Larry-Jennie <lar-jen@interaccess.com>
> To: The ciadrugs mailing list <ciadrugs@mars.galstar.com>
> Subject: ciadrugs] Re: Temperature's rising
> Date: Monday, June 02, 1997 8:22 PM
> Bear Bottoms wrote:
> >The proof has been presented by the ton load. It would take
> >a much longer post than I care to perform to summarize it.
> >Perform a dejanews search and one can find it. Quickly,
> >Reed, Tatum, Brown, Tolliver, and Brenneke have been proven
> >liars as they relate to Seal.
> How have they been proven liars? What is the proof beyond your
> word on the Internet?

Welch calls Reed a liar. Wheaton, Jacobsen, Camp, Duffey, Duncan, myself, et al. Either Brown or Welch, myself and Hadaway are liars. Same with Brenneke. You know all of this. Tatum's story is the most outlandish and his "certifido" documents have been proven wrong by me, and my statements are backed up by newspaper articles and investigators. They are history unless you want to believe these lies. Then to you, they tell the truth. If you search for truth and fact, they are liars.

> I am totally unaware how Tolliver was proven a liar.

His actions and whereabouts during the events are well documented in federal records and many Customs agents working the cases we developed with him were on the job daily.

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