1997-06-01, Bear Bottoms: Re Temperature's rising

From: "Bear Bottoms" <bbottoms@eatel.net>
To: "The ciadrugs mailing list" <ciadrugs@mars.galstar.com>
Subject: ciadrugs] Re: Temperature's rising
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 08:36:17 -0500

> From: Mark Keesee <mark@idmedia.com>
> To: The ciadrugs mailing list <ciadrugs@mars.galstar.com>
> Subject: ciadrugs] Re: Temperature's rising
> Date: Sunday, June 01, 1997 2:51 AM
> d.wiesner@genie.com wrote:
> >
> > I am quite honored to be an audience member reading what the
> > perpetrators, investigators and victims of goings on at Mena and
> > Saline Co. have to say to each other. Still, I can't help feeling
> > uneasy at the heated rhetoric.
> Jean Duffey Wrote:
> Don't feel uneasy on my account, Dave. I realize Billy
> Bottoms gets riled when confronted with facts that counter
> his agenda, but I can assure you that Bottoms does not
> have the ability to flare my temper - he only wishes
> he could.

It is not facts, it is smear.

> > Can I suggest chilling out on the lawsuit threats and impugning of
> > each other's motives?
> You'll have to talk to Bottoms about that. He's
> been making the same threat for several months.

Not publically. I do think that anyone in my position who has been listed on a publically available website as disinformation when I am not and have the factual proof that I am not would consider such an action. It is not I who brought this to public light. I did have private email with a couple of internetettes about this.

> > Also, is it too much to ask, when making
> > insinuations, that the accuser present supporting facts at the same
> > time?
> For documentation that backs up what I say, you should
> visit our website. http://www.idmedia.com You won't
> get anything from Bottoms, though. He says he has PROOF,
> but nobody I know of has ever seen it.

The proof has been presented by the ton load. It would take a much longer post than I care to perform to summarize it. Perform a dejanews search and one can find it. Quickly, Reed, Tatum, Brown, Tolliver, and Brenneke have been proven liars as they relate to Seal. Ernst Jacobsen, Russell Welch, Al Hadaway, Bob Joura, Don Campbell, Dick Gregorie, John Pulley, John Brown, several FBI agents, numerous DEA agents, Seal's family, Seal's living associates except Joe Evans and Fred Hampton who still do not admit their complicity, and a host of others who have direct knowledge of the events have confirmed my assertions.

> > It is my understanding that it is extremely bad nettiquette to
> > threaten and posture.
> You sound like a gentleman, Dave, and you certainly
> may be right about what is considered proper etiquette
> for posting on this listing. However, I'm on the front
> line of a war with murderers, drug-smugglers and dirty
> public officials, and I'm not in the least concerned with
> what might or might not be socially acceptable. If you're
> not offended that an unrepented, confessed, drug-smuggler
> is not in prison, then improper etiquette shouldn't offend
> you.

I paid the price thirty times over for what I did. I did so voluntarily. I was not asked to do so. When I volunteered I was offered one specific task which was extreemly life threatening to wipe the slate. Not only did I do this, I went on to perform over 30 high level life threatening operations. I dare say no one in this country has performed as I have for a grant of immunity. The legal system obviously thinks that these grants of immunity are worthwhile or they wouldn't be given. The public did not know about me until October of 1996. I decided to publically announce my crimes, again voluntarily, because of the huge smoke screen that was building around Seal's organization. This smoke screen was being used to sway the highest election in this country and keeping investigators off track whilst other criminal activity hid behind it. I discussed this with my wife as the public admissions would alter our community and family life. She said this is bigger than us. I agreed.

Regardless of this, Dave's assertions are well founded. I will try and keep my responses according to netetiquette. It is very difficult in the face of pure unsupported smear.

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