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Serendipity Website-on-CD
October 2014 Edition
The Final Edition

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A CD-ROM copy of the entire Serendipity website containing all files in this online version added from 1996 to October 2, 2014, except for a few web pages which require server-side processing, is available for a modest fee. (This is a CD-ROM, not a DVD.) Included on this CD are many articles concerning 9/11 and articles explaining the background of the proposed "New World Order" and the danger it presents to anyone who is not a member of the bankster/corporate/financial elite (that's almost all of us), including about sixty articles written by the author of this website, Peter Meyer.

Also there are many articles about censorship, Zionism, the Iraq War, the NSA and the other topics by many respected authors (see Contributors to Serendipity). Almost all links (other than links to external websites, of course) are to files on the CD-ROM so the Website-on-CD can be read without being online. It has over 1400 web pages, and over 10,800 files totalling 289 MB. It contains archived copies of many pages which have disappeared from the Internet since 2001 (these are not in the online website but may appear in CD-search results — see below). It is thus also in part a historical record, valuable especially to present and future 9/11 researchers.

CD Search Program

For those with a PC running Windows (Windows 98 to Windows 8), the CD includes a search program which enables you to search all pages of the Website-on-CD for any given word, or any word in a set of words, or all words in a set of words, or an exact phrase. The result is a report such as this one, showing the search terms in context. For further details see the user manual for this search program.

Note to Macintosh users: The search program will run on a Mac only if you have a Windows emulator or a dual-processor Mac which runs Windows XP. The HTML files themselves, however, can be read on a Mac.

The internet is now under attack by those who wish to suppress the free availability of information (this is called censorship). Legislation has been introduced (perhaps defeated, modified and re-introduced) to criminalize free speech on the internet and make it a felony to offend anyone. Eventually any criticism of the U.S., U.K. or Israeli governments will become a criminal act. Pending legislation may make it possible to shut down websites based solely on a single complaint.

Serendipity will not always be online, and even while it remains available, it may not be long before you have to pay extra to your ISP if you wish to visit websites like this. In the event that this site disappears from the web, or the internet is subjected to extensive censorship, or the internet is partially shut down in the coming Third World War, the content of this site will still be available to those who have the CD-ROM.

This CD-ROM can be purchased only via KAGI, but you can pay via PayPal if you order via KAGI. The price is US$18.75, €15.75 or £11.75 (or equivalent in other currencies). This includes first-class (or airmail) postage to any address (which would otherwise add another $2-$5 to the price). KAGI has several payment options, including payment via credit/debit card and payment from US/Canadian customers via check, money order or cash, plus PayPal

To purchase one or more copies of this CD-ROM via KAGI click on this button:

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and the Timewave Zero / Fractal Time CD-ROM together for US$29.95, €28.45 or £21.45.

Upon receipt of the CD-ROM, insert it in your CD-ROM drive and the home page may or may not appear automatically in your default web browser. If not, locate the file index.html in the /serendipity folder, and double-click on the icon (or load the file manually into your browser).

This CD-ROM contains material which will certainly be of interest to future historians, material which is fast disappearing from the web. But, as the Buddha said, all compounded things are impermanent, so there will come a time (50 years from now?) when the last copy of this CD-ROM is destroyed or becomes unreadable. The copy you purchase today may eventually become the last surviving copy.

Special offer to previous purchasers: Anyone who has purchased a copy of the the Serendipity Website-on-CD published in 2011, 2012 or 2013 can obtain a free copy of the 2014 edition by informing us (via the Feedback and Comments form) of their name, the email address that they used for their purchase, and their current postal address.

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