Advice from Senator Patrick Leahy

by Todd Lappin

Yesterday I conducted an interview with U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont). The interview was done in audio format as one of HotWired's "Wiredside Chats," and, all in all, I thought it went pretty well. I mean, I'm no Larry King, but it's great to explore the frontiers of the Internet as a true mass communications medium.

At one point in the interview, I asked Senator Leahy if the Internet community should be doing more to promote our interests within Congress. The Senator responded as follows:

Well, you've got to put faces on the Internet community. One important thing is to try and get a dozen or so people together, then make an appointment to go visit the home office of your legislators. Meet them for a cup of coffee to demonstrate what people are really doing with the Internet.
Sagely advice.

Tod Lappin is Section Editor at WIRED Magazine. This is an excerpt from a posting by him on 1996-05-04 to the Usenet newsgroup talk.politics.crypto.

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